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The Rutgers Optimality Archive is a distribution point for research in Optimality Theory and its conceptual affiliates.

Posting in ROA is open to all who wish to disseminate their work in OT and related theories of grammar.

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ROA # Authors Title Date
ROA 1364 Giorgio Magri A principled derivation of Harmonic Grammar Oct/2019
ROA 1363 Amir Ghorbanpour, Aliyeh K. Z. Kambuziya, Mohammad Dabir-Moghaddam, Ferdows Agha-Golzadeh Loanword syllable adaptation in Persian: An Optimality-theoretic account Oct/2019
ROA 1362 Ayoub Noamane A Root-and-prosody Approach to Templatic Morphology and Morphological Gemination in Moroccan Arabic Aug/2019
ROA 1361 Ayoub Noamane On the Integrity of Geminates in Moroccan Arabic: An Optimality-Theoretic account Aug/2019
ROA 1360 Trevor Driscoll A Factorial Typology of Codas in the Prosodic Hierarchy Jul/2019
ROA 1359 Arto Anttila, Scott Borgeson, Giorgio Magri Equiprobable mappings in weighted constraint grammars Jun/2019
ROA 1358 Tamas Biro Uncovering structure hand in hand: Joint Robust Interpretive Parsing in Optimality Theory Jun/2019
ROA 1357 Hazel Mitchley Agreement and Coordination in Xitsonga, Sesotho and isiXhosa: An Optimality Theoretic Perspective Jun/2019
ROA 1356 Canaan Breiss, Bruce Hayes Phonological markedness effects in sentence formation Feb/2019
ROA 1355 Will Bennett, Natalie DelBusso ABC(D) Book Feb/2019