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The Rutgers Optimality Archive is a distribution point for research in Optimality Theory and its conceptual affiliates.

Posting in ROA is open to all who wish to disseminate their work in OT and related theories of grammar.

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ROA # Authors Title Date
ROA 1277 Waleed Al-Oshari Prosodically-driven Constraint Re-ranking in OT May/2016
ROA 1276 Waleed Al-Oshari, Tawfeek Al-Shar'abi Wh-Movement in Taizi Arabic: An Optimality Theory Account May/2016
ROA 1275 Waleed Al-Oshari, Tawfeek Al-Shar'abi Serial Feet Construction in Cairene MSA: A Harmonic Serial Account Apr/2016
ROA 1274 Eric Bakovic The Tunica Stress Conspiracy Revisited Apr/2016
ROA 1273 John Alderete, Sara Finley Gradient vowel harmony in Oceanic Mar/2016
ROA 1272 Dragana Surkalovic The No-Reference Hypothesis: A Modular Approach to the Syntax-Phonology Interface Feb/2016
ROA 1271 Alan Prince What is OT? Feb/2016
ROA 1270 Shigeto Kawahara, Shigeto Kawahara Articulatory correlates of metrical structure: Studying jaw displacement patterns Jan/2016
ROA 1269 Shigeto Kawahara, Melanie Pangilinan Spectral continuity, amplitude changes, and perception of length contrasts Jan/2016
ROA 1268 Giorgio Magri How to keep the HG weights non-negative: the truncated Perceptron reweighing rule Jan/2016