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ROA # Authors Title Date
ROA 1394 Hideo Kobayashi, Peter M. Skaer A reassessment of Old English Compensatory Lengthening Apr/2022
ROA 1393 Birgit Alber, Alan Prince A pseudo-parametric typology at the syntax-prosody interface Mar/2022
ROA 1392 Birgit Alber, Sabine Arndt-Lappe Anchoring in Truncation: A typological analysis Mar/2022
ROA 1391 Birgit Alber, Joachim Kokkelmans Typology and language change: The case of truncation Mar/2022
ROA 1390 Joachim Kokkelmans The Phonetics and Phonology of Sibilants: A Synchronic and Diachronic OT Typology of Sibilant Inventories Nov/2021
ROA 1389 Charles Reiss How to generate saltations in a classical Optimality Theory grammar Nov/2021
ROA 1388 Faisal Al-Mohanna Gradual Vowel Epenthesis in Urban Hijazi Arabic Oct/2021
ROA 1387 Nazarre Merchant The Stress and Length Patterns of Paka Aug/2021
ROA 1386 Natalie DelBusso, Hazel Mitchley Typology of variation in Bantu Object Markers May/2021
ROA 1385 Natalie DelBusso Book of Finnish Vowel Coalescence (FVC) system Apr/2021
ROA 1384 Natalie DelBusso Book of cGX2 Apr/2021
ROA 1383 Natalie DelBusso Book of Paka Apr/2021
ROA 1382 Nazarre Merchant, Alan Prince The Mother of All Tableaux: Order, equivalence, and geometry in the large-scale structure of OT Mar/2021
ROA 1381 Birgit Alber, Alan Prince The Structure of OT Typologies. Chapter 1: Introduction to Property Theory Mar/2021
ROA 1380 Steve Parker, Stephen Jay Onset Cluster Typologies Mar/2021
ROA 1379 Hassan Bokhari A Comprehensive Analysis of Coda Clusters in Hijazi Arabic: An Optimality-Theoretic Perspective Feb/2021
ROA 1378 Eric Bakovic, Anna Mai Comparing positional licensing patterns in HG and OT Jan/2021
ROA 1377 Hyung-Soo Kim A new look at onset transfer in Indo-European reduplicaiton: dissimilation of consonant clusters Dec/2020
ROA 1376 Faisal Al-Mohanna Optimising Classical Arabic Metra Jan/2021
ROA 1375 Will Bennett, Natalie DelBusso Summing constraints in an across properties Dec/2020
ROA 1374 Mohamed AIT ICHOU L'inaccompli en Amazigh: un aperçu morphologique de convergences et de divergences entre quelques parlers May/2020
ROA 1373 Collen Sabao Constraint Interaction and Ranking in Vocalic Hiatus Contexts in Three Bantu Languages Sep/2020
ROA 1372 Ivy Hauser, Leland Kusmer Wrong-side reduplication in Koasati Aug/2020
ROA 1371 Ivy Hauser Consequences of contextual faithfulness constraints in Harmonic Serialism Aug/2020
ROA 1370 Ayoub Noamane Consonant Gemination in Moroccan Arabic: A Constraint-based Analysis Apr/2020
ROA 1369 Nick Kalivoda Syntax-Prosody Mismatches in Optimality Theory Mar/2020
ROA 1368 Amir Ghorbanpour, Aliyeh K. Z. Kambuziya, Mohammad Dabir-Moghaddam, Ferdows Agha-Golzadeh Hiatus resolution in Persian: The case of [ɟ]-epenthesis Mar/2020
ROA 1367 Ayoub Noamane The Moraic Nature of Geminate Consonants in Moroccan Arabic: Evidence from Word-minimality, Syllable Structure and Word Formation Feb/2020
ROA 1366 Anna Mai, Eric Bakovic Cumulative constraint interaction and the equalizer of HG and OT Feb/2020
ROA 1365 Nick Danis Long-distance major place harmony Jan/2020
ROA 1364 Giorgio Magri A principled derivation of Harmonic Grammar Oct/2019
ROA 1363 Amir Ghorbanpour, Aliyeh K. Z. Kambuziya, Mohammad Dabir-Moghaddam, Ferdows Agha-Golzadeh Loanword syllable adaptation in Persian: An Optimality-theoretic account Oct/2019
ROA 1362 Ayoub Noamane A Root-and-prosody Approach to Templatic Morphology and Morphological Gemination in Moroccan Arabic Aug/2019
ROA 1361 Ayoub Noamane On the Integrity of Geminates in Moroccan Arabic: An Optimality-Theoretic account Aug/2019
ROA 1360 Trevor Driscoll A Factorial Typology of Codas in the Prosodic Hierarchy Jul/2019
ROA 1359 Arto Anttila, Scott Borgeson, Giorgio Magri Equiprobable mappings in weighted constraint grammars Jun/2019
ROA 1358 Tamas Biro Uncovering structure hand in hand: Joint Robust Interpretive Parsing in Optimality Theory Jun/2019
ROA 1357 Hazel Mitchley Agreement and Coordination in Xitsonga, Sesotho and isiXhosa: An Optimality Theoretic Perspective Jun/2019
ROA 1356 Canaan Breiss, Bruce Hayes Phonological markedness effects in sentence formation Feb/2019
ROA 1355 Will Bennett, Natalie DelBusso ABC(D) Book Feb/2019
ROA 1354 Gulab Chand , Somdev Kar Sonority and Reduplication in Hadoti Jan/2019
ROA 1353 Veltzer Doron Mechanical Turkish Nov/2018
ROA 1352 Claudia Pons-Moll The limits of the free ride in morphophonemic learning. Evidence from Catalan Dec/2018
ROA 1351 Claudia Pons-Moll, Francesc Torres-Tamarit Catalan nativization patterns in the light of Weighted Scalar Constraints Dec/2018
ROA 1350 Adamantios Gafos Structure in mind, structure in vocal tract Nov/2018
ROA 1349 Giorgio Magri, Benjamin Storme Calibration of constraint promotion does not help with learning variation in stochastic OT Oct/2018
ROA 1348 Bruce Hayes, Russell Schuh Metrical structure and sung rhythm of the Hausa Rajaz Sep/2018
ROA 1347 Giorgio Magri Efficient Computation of Implicational Universals in Constraint-Based Phonology Through the Hyperplane Separation Theorem Sep/2018
ROA 1346 Giorgio Magri Implicational Universals in Stochastic Constraint-Based Phonology Sep/2018
ROA 1345 Claudia Pons-Moll, Francesc-Josep Torres-Tamarit, Ignasi Mascaro Prosodically-driven morpheme non-realization in the Minorcan Catalan DP Aug/2018
ROA 1344 Francesc-Josep Torres-Tamarit, Claudia Pons-Moll Enclitic-induced stress shift in Catalan Aug/2018
ROA 1343 Nazarre Merchant Supplemental Workbook to the Contours of nGY May/2018
ROA 1342 Nazarre Merchant The Contours of nGY May/2018
ROA 1341 Florian Lionnet A theory of subfeatural representations: the case of rounding harmony in Laal May/2018
ROA 1340 Nazarre Merchant, Martin Krämer The Holographic Principle: Typological Analysis Using Lower Dimensions Mar/2018
ROA 1339 Eric Rosen Predicting semi-regular patterns in morphologically complex words Feb/2018
ROA 1338 Jeremy Kuhn Harmony via positive agreement: Evidence from trigger-based count effects Feb/2018
ROA 1337 Arto Anttila, Giorgio Magri Does MaxEnt Overgenerate? Implicational Universals in Maximum Entropy Grammar Jan/2018
ROA 1336 Tamas Biro OT grammars don't count, but make errors: The consequences of strict domination for simulated annealing Jan/2018
ROA 1335 Ayoub Loutfi Morphological Causatives in Moroccan Arabic Dec/2017
ROA 1334 Will Bennett, Sharon Rose Moro voicelessness dissimilation and binary [voice] Dec/2017
ROA 1333 Giorgio Magri A note on phonological similarity in Tesar's (2013) Theory of output-drivenness Dec/2017
ROA 1332 Bruce Hayes Comparative Phonotactics Dec/2017
ROA 1331 Bruce Hayes Varieties of Noisy Harmonic Grammar Dec/2017
ROA 1330 Emile Enguehard, Edward Flemming, Giorgio Magri Statistical learning theory and linguistic typology: a learnability perspective on OT's strict domination Nov/2017
ROA 1329 Mahasen Abu-Mansour The Role of the OCP and Syllable Structure in Arabic Hypocoristics Nov/2017
ROA 1328 Brian Smith, Joe Pater French schwa and gradient cumulativity Oct/2017
ROA 1327 Birgit Alber The Book of BTT Oct/2017
ROA 1326 Will Bennett, Natalie DelBusso Typological effects of ABC constraint definitions Oct/2017
ROA 1325 Peter Staroverov, Darya Kavitskaya Tundra Nenets consonant sandhi as coalescence Oct/2017
ROA 1324 Nick Danis Complex Place and Place Identity Oct/2017
ROA 1323 Jeffrey Adler, Jesse Zymet Irreducible parallelism in phonology Sep/2017
ROA 1322 Jeffrey Adler The nature of conspiracy: implications for parallel vs. serial derivation Sep/2017
ROA 1321 Itsik Pariente Stress, Syncope, Epenthesis and the Duke of York Gambit in the Verbal System of Modern Hebrew Sep/2017
ROA 1320 Kawahara, Shigeto, Lee, Seunghun Truncation in Message-Oriented Phonology: A case study using Korean vocative truncation Aug/2017
ROA 1319 Stephanie Shih, Sharon Inkelas Autosegmental Aims in Surface Optimizing Phonology Sep/2017
ROA 1318 Vieri Samek-Lodovici Prosody-Driven Scrambling in Italian Jul/2017
ROA 1317 Eric Bakovic Review of McCarthy & Pater (eds.), Harmonic Grammar and Harmonic Serialism Jul/2017
ROA 1316 Ann Irvine, Mark Dredze Harmonic Grammar, Optimality Theory, and Syntax Learnability: An Empirical Exploration of Czech Word Order Jun/2017
ROA 1315 Quentin Dabouis When Accent Preservation Leads to Clash Jun/2017
ROA 1314 Nina Topintzi, Andrew Nevins Moraic Onsets in Arrernte Jun/2017
ROA 1313 Erich Round Phonological exceptionality is localized to phonological elements: the argument from learnability and Yidiny word-final deletion Jun/2017
ROA 1312 Birgit Alber, Alan Prince The Book of nGX May/2017
ROA 1311 Robert Vago *VV in Hungarian May/2017
ROA 1310 Eric Bakovic Apparent 'sufficiently similar' degemination in Catalan is due to coalescence Apr/2017
ROA 1309 Alan Prince Representing OT Grammars Apr/2017
ROA 1308 Will Bennett Pulmonic venting and the typology of click nasality Mar/2017
ROA 1307 Will Bennett, Natalie DelBusso Typological consequences of ABCD constraint forms Mar/2017
ROA 1306 Alan Prince OT Checklist Feb/2017
ROA 1305 Noam Faust, Francesc Torres-Tamarit Stress and final /n/ deletion in Catalan: combining Strict CV and OT Feb/2017
ROA 1304 Mirena Patseva Bulgarian word stress Feb/2017
ROA 1303 Nick Danis Markedness and Complex Stops: Evidence from Simplification Processes Feb/2017
ROA 1302 Nick Danis Major place harmony in ABC and the (reduced) role of representation: evidence from Ngbaka Jan/2017
ROA 1301 Giorgio Magri Output-drivenness and partial phonological features Jan/2017
ROA 1300 Giorgio Magri Idempotency, output-drivenness and the faithfulness triangle inequality: some consequences of McCarthy's (2003) categoricity generalization Jan/2017
ROA 1299 Giorgio Magri Idempotency in Optimality Theory Jan/2017
ROA 1298 John Alderete, Alexei Kochetov Integrating sound symbolism with core grammar: The case of expressive palatalization Jan/2017
ROA 1297 Claudia Pons-Moll Review of "Steve Parker (ed.) (2012). The sonority controversy" Dec/2016
ROA 1296 Maria-Rosa Lloret, Claudia Pons-Moll Catalan Vowel Epenthesis as Evidence for the Free Ride Approach to Morphophonemic Learning Dec/2016
ROA 1295 Hope McManus Stress Parallels in Modern OT Nov/2016
ROA 1294 Marwan Jarrah Weightlessness Preservation in Jordanian Arabic Varieties: A Stratal OT Analysis Oct/2016
ROA 1293 Olga Urek Palatalization in Latvian Oct/2016
ROA 1292 Amir Ghorbanpour Head position parameter in Persian: An Optimality-theoretic approach Oct/2016
ROA 1291 Alan Prince, Natalie DelBusso, Nazarre Merchant OTWorkplace Quick Start Guide Sep/2016
ROA 1290 John Alderete, Paul Tupper Connectionist approaches to generative phonology Aug/2016
ROA 1289 Eric Rosen Predicting the unpredictable: capturing the apparent semi-regularity of rendaku voicing in Japanese through Gradient Symbolic Computation Jul/2016
ROA 1288 Miranda McCarvel Harmonic Serialism with Lexical Selection: Evidence from Jèrriais allomorphy Jul/2016
ROA 1287 Alexei Kochetov Palatalization and glide strengthening as competing repair strategies: Evidence from Kirundi Jul/2016
ROA 1286 Paul Smolensky, Matthew Goldrick Gradient Symbolic Representations in Grammar: The case of French Liaison Jul/2016
ROA 1285 Nazarre Merchant, Alan Prince The Mother of All Tableaux Jul/2016
ROA 1284 Siri Gjersoe Cyclic Optimization of Floating L Tones in Kikuyu Jul/2016
ROA 1283 Brett Hyde Overlap, Recursion, and Ternary Constructions Jun/2016
ROA 1282 Will Bennett, Natalie DelBusso, Luca Iacoponi Formally mapping the typologies of interacting ABCD systems Jun/2016
ROA 1281 Claudia Pons-Moll Loanword phonology, lexical exceptions, morphologically driven underapplication, and the nature of positionally biased constraints Jun/2016
ROA 1280 Claudia Pons-Moll, Maria-Rosa Lloret The free-ride procedure to morphophonemic learning is correct. Some evidence from Catalan vowel epenthesis Jun/2016
ROA 1279 Claudia Pons-Moll, Jesus Jimenez, Maria-Rosa Lloret Glide phonotactics in varieties of Catalan (and Spanish) Jun/2016
ROA 1278 Claudia Pons-Moll, Francesc Torres-Tamarit Prosodically-driven morpheme non-realization in the Minorcan Catalan DP Jun/2016
ROA 1277 Waleed Al-Oshari Prosodically-driven Constraint Re-ranking in OT May/2016
ROA 1276 Waleed Al-Oshari, Tawfeek Al-Shar'abi Wh-Movement in Taizi Arabic: An Optimality Theory Account May/2016
ROA 1275 Waleed Al-Oshari, Tawfeek Al-Shar'abi Serial Feet Construction in Cairene MSA: A Harmonic Serial Account Apr/2016
ROA 1274 Eric Bakovic The Tunica Stress Conspiracy Revisited Apr/2016
ROA 1273 John Alderete, Sara Finley Gradient vowel harmony in Oceanic Mar/2016
ROA 1272 Dragana Surkalovic The No-Reference Hypothesis: A Modular Approach to the Syntax-Phonology Interface Feb/2016
ROA 1271 Alan Prince What is OT? Feb/2016
ROA 1270 Shigeto Kawahara, Shigeto Kawahara Articulatory correlates of metrical structure: Studying jaw displacement patterns Jan/2016
ROA 1269 Shigeto Kawahara, Melanie Pangilinan Spectral continuity, amplitude changes, and perception of length contrasts Jan/2016
ROA 1268 Giorgio Magri How to keep the HG weights non-negative: the truncated Perceptron reweighing rule Jan/2016
ROA 1267 Giorgio Magri Noise robustness and stochastic tolerance of OT error-driven ranking algorithms Jan/2016
ROA 1266 Giorgio Magri Error-driven learning in OT and HG: a comparison Jan/2016
ROA 1265 John Alderete Updating the analysis of Japanese compound accent Dec/2015
ROA 1264 Will Bennett, Douglas Pulleyblank Directionality in Nkore-Kiga sibilant harmony: arbitrary or emergent? Dec/2015
ROA 1263 Schuhmann, Katharina S. Degrees of (Un)acceptability in Syllable Contact Dec/2015
ROA 1262 Francesc Torres-Tamarit, Kathrin Linke Opaque interactions between vowel merger and metaphony Nov/2015
ROA 1261 Francesc Torres-Tamarit Servigliano revisited: An examination from constraint-based serialism Nov/2015
ROA 1260 Varun deCastro-Arrazola, Edoardo Cavirani, Kathrin Linke, Francesc Torres-Tamarit A typological study of vowel interactions in Basque Nov/2015
ROA 1259 Francesc Torres-Tamarit, Peter Jurgec Lapsed derivations: Ternary stress in Harmonic Serialism Nov/2015
ROA 1258 Francesc Torres-Tamarit Length and voicing in Friulian and Milanese Nov/2015
ROA 1257 Ben Hermans, Francesc Torres-Tamarit Ternary constituents are a consequence of mora sluicing Nov/2015
ROA 1256 Itsik Pariente The interaction of vowel quality and pharyngeals in Sephardic Modern Hebrew Nov/2015
ROA 1255 Edoardo Cavirani Il vincolo nella fonologia generativa Oct/2015
ROA 1254 Zheng Xu The role of morphology in Optimality Theory Nov/2015
ROA 1253 Giorgio Magri When is it the case that one tableau suffices? A note on Prince (2015) Nov/2015
ROA 1252 Crystal Akers Commitment-Based Learning of Hidden Linguistic Structures Nov/2015
ROA 1251 Natalie DelBusso Deriving Reduplicants in Prosodic-Morphology Typologies Nov/2015
ROA 1250 Alan Prince One Tableau Suffices Nov/2015
ROA 1249 Andries W Coetzee A comprehensive model of phonological variation: grammatical and non-grammatical factors in variable nasal place assimilation Nov/2015
ROA 1248 Edoardo Cavirani Brief history of the concept of constraint in Generative Phonology Oct/2015
ROA 1247 Matthew Goldrick, Michael Putnam, Lara Schwarz Coactivation in bilingual grammars: A computational account of code mixing Oct/2015
ROA 1246 Diane Lesley-Neuman Eastern Nilotic Vowel Harmony and Optimality Theory: What Can the Optimal System Look Like? Oct/2015
ROA 1245 Edoardo Cavirani Modelling phonologization: vowel reduction and epenthesis in Lunigiana dialects Oct/2015
ROA 1244 Luca Iacoponi Directionality in Consonant Harmony and Headed Agreement By Correspondence Oct/2015
ROA 1243 Daiki Hashimoto Vowel-length neutralization at word-final edges: A prominence-based account Oct/2015
ROA 1242 Stephanie Shih Super Additive Similarity in Dioula Tone Harmony Sep/2015
ROA 1241 Jeroen Breteler Deriving bounded tone with layered feet in Harmonic Serialism: the case of Saghala Aug/2015
ROA 1240 Junko Ito, Armin Mester Unaccentedness in Japanese Aug/2015
ROA 1239 Hope McManus Learning Input Allomorphs Aug/2015
ROA 1238 Javier Sanz The Phonology and Morphology of Spanish Hypocoristics Jul/2015
ROA 1237 Brian Buccola On the Expressivity of Optimality Theory versus Ordered Rewrite Rules May/2015
ROA 1236 Hideki Zamma, Seiichiro Kikuchi Two Issues on Constraint Conjunction May/2015
ROA 1235 Birgit Alber, Natalie DelBusso, Alan Prince From Intensional Properties to Universal Support May/2015
ROA 1234 Bayer Lexikalische Entlehnungen aus dem Englischen : ihre Integration ins Deutsche unter phonologischem Apekt Mar/2015
ROA 1233 Darya Kavitskaya, Peter Staroverov When an interaction is both opaque and transparent: the paradox of fed counterfeeding Apr/2015
ROA 1232 Nazarre Merchant Recursive Join Learning Using Candidate Maps Mar/2015
ROA 1231 Brett Hyde The Midpoint Pathology: What it is and what it isn't Mar/2015
ROA 1230 Peter Staroverov Splitting theory and consonant epenthesis Mar/2015
ROA 1229 Sam Steddy Palatalisation Across the Italian Lexicon Feb/2015
ROA 1228 James Myers Markedness and lexical typicality in Mandarin acceptability judgments Jan/2015
ROA 1227 Belal A. Rakhieh The Phonology of Maani Arabic Stratal or Parallel OT Jan/2015
ROA 1226 Itsik Pariente Grammatical Paradigm Uniformity Jan/2015
ROA 1225 Itsik Pariente, Shmuel Bolozky Stress Shift and Trochaic Structures in the Nominal System of Modern Hebrew Jan/2015
ROA 1224 Mousa A. Btoosh Constraint Interactions in Jordanian Arabic Phonotactics: An Optimality-Theoretic Approach Jan/2015
ROA 1223 Mousa A. Btoosh WH-Movement in Standard Arabic: An Optimality-Theoretic Account Jan/2015
ROA 1222 Rashwan M. Mustafa Local of Assimilation of Consonants in English and Kurdish in the light of Optimality Theory Dec/2014
ROA 1221 Nick Danis Supplementary material for 'Deriving Interactions of Complex Stops' Nov/2014
ROA 1220 Nick Danis Deriving Interactions of Complex Stops Nov/2014
ROA 1219 Esther Herrera Zendejas Alineamiento articulatorio y grupos consonánticos en mixe Nov/2014
ROA 1218 Amber Blenkiron, John Alderete Reduplication in Rotuman: A curious case of emergent unmarkedness Nov/2014
ROA 1217 Giorgio Magri Review of Tesar's (2014) ''Output-driven phonology'' Nov/2014
ROA 1216 Mustafa Ali Harb, Rasheed Saleem Al-Jarrah An Optimality-Theoretic Account of English Loanwords in Hawaiian Sep/2014
ROA 1215 Ayat Hosseini The Ezafe Morpheme in Persian: An XP-external Clitic Sep/2014
ROA 1214 Eftekhar Sadat Hashemi Russian Loanword Adaptation in Persian: Optimal Approach Apr/2014
ROA 1213 Hilton Alers-Valentin Interacción de restricciones en la acentuación verbal del español Dec/2013
ROA 1212 Paula Houghton Switch Languages: Theoretical Consequence and Empirical Reality Oct/2014
ROA 1211 Shigeto Kawahara Japanese /r/ is not feature-less: A rejoinder to Labrune (2014) Oct/2014
ROA 1210 Sharon Inkelas, Stephanie Shih Unstable surface correspondence as the source of local conspiracies Aug/2014
ROA 1209 Shigeto Kawahara, Hideki Zamma Generative treatments of rendaku Aug/2014
ROA 1208 Shigeto Kawahara Geminate devoicing in Japanese loanwords: Theoretical and experimental investigations Aug/2014
ROA 1207 Roderic F. Casali Assimilation, markedness and inventory structure in tongue root harmony systems Jun/2014
ROA 1206 John Alderete, Kayleigh MacMillan Reduplication in Hawaiian: Variations on a theme of minimal word Apr/2014
ROA 1205 Ayat Hosseini The Phonology and Phonetics of Prosodic Prominence in Persian Mar/2014
ROA 1204 Ponghyung Lee Assibilation or analogy?: Reconsideration of Korean noun stem-endings Mar/2014
ROA 1203 Ponghyung Lee Constraint Cloning and Lexical Listing in Korean Irregular Verbs and Adjectives Feb/2014
ROA 1202 Natalie DelBusso, Jane Grimshaw A Supplement to 'Location Specific Constraints' (Grimshaw 2006) Feb/2014
ROA 1201 Travis G. Bradley Labialization and Palatalization in Judeo-Spanish Phonology Jan/2014
ROA 1200 Violeta Martinez-Paricio An exploration of minimal and maximal metrical feet Dec/2013
ROA 1199 Giorgio Magri, Benjamin Storme A closer look at Boersma and Hayes' Ilokano metathesis test case Dec/2013
ROA 1198 Jeremy Perkins Consonant-Tone Interaction in Thai Nov/2013
ROA 1197 Travis G. Bradley Optimality Theory and Spanish Phonology Nov/2013
ROA 1196 Nicolau Dols Salas Phonology and morphology and the limits of freedom in an artificial language Oct/2013
ROA 1195 Birgit Alber Obstruent Systems of Northern Italy Sep/2013
ROA 1194 Giorgio Magri The error-driven ranking model of the early stage of the acquisition of phonotactics: An initial result on restrictiveness Sep/2013
ROA 1193 Giorgio Magri Error-driven learning in Harmonic Grammar Sep/2013
ROA 1192 Ian Coffman Diachronic evidence for the synchronic grammar: The case of long-distance liquid metathesis Sep/2013
ROA 1191 Joe Collins Modal-Dependence and Naturalness in Phonology: Confronting the Ontogenetic Question Sep/2013
ROA 1190 Gaja Jarosz Polish Yers and the Finer Structure of Output-Output Correspondence Jul/2013
ROA 1189 Gaja Jarosz Partial Ranking and Alternating Vowels in Polish Jul/2013
ROA 1188 Gaja Jarosz Implicational markedness and frequency in constraint-based computational models of phonological learning Jul/2013
ROA 1187 Alessandro Lopopolo, Tamas Biro Language Change and SA-OT: The case of sentential negation Jun/2013
ROA 1186 Lian Hee Wee Prominence from Complexity: Capturing the Tianjin Ditonal Patterns Jun/2013
ROA 1185 Bruce Tesar When Worst is Best: Grammar Construction in Phonological Learning Jun/2013
ROA 1184 Gaja Jarosz Learning with Hidden Structure in Optimality Theory and Harmonic Grammar: Beyond Robust Interpretive Parsing May/2013
ROA 1183 Tamas Biro Towards a Robuster Interpretive Parsing: Learning from overt forms in Optimality Theory May/2013
ROA 1182 Nate Sims Vowel Harmony in Qiang: An Optimality Theoretic Account May/2013
ROA 1181 Samuel R. Bowman Two arguments for a positive vowel harmony imperative Apr/2013
ROA 1180 Philip Roberts Latin rhotacism: a case study in the life cycle of phonological processes Mar/2013
ROA 1179 Külli Prillop Feet, syllables, moras and the Estonian quantity system Mar/2013
ROA 1178 Kyoko Sugisaki Case, Word Order, Grammatical Function and Information Structure in Japanese Mar/2013
ROA 1177 Marjoleine Sloos Phonological grammar and frequency: An integrated approach. Evidence from German, Indonesian and Japanese Feb/2013
ROA 1176 Eric Bakovic Introduction to "Blocking and Complementarity in Phonological Theory" Feb/2013
ROA 1175 Hans Broekhuis, Ralf Vogel Introduction to "Linguistic Derivations and Filtering. Minimalism and Optimality Theory" edited by Hans Broekhuis & Ralf Vogel Feb/2013
ROA 1174 Hideki Zamma Patterns and Categories in English Suffixation and Stress Placement: A Theoretical and Quantitative Study Feb/2013
ROA 1173 Will Bennett Dissimilation, Consonant Harmony, and Surface Correspondence Jan/2013
ROA 1172 Giorgio Magri Tools for the robust analysis of error-driven ranking algorithms and their implications for modeling the child acquisition of phonotactics Dec/2012
ROA 1171 Ingo Feldhausen Modeling individual variation in prosody: the case of Spanish Clitic Left-Dislocations Dec/2012
ROA 1170 Jeroen van de Weijer Using Local Constraint Conjunction to Discover Constraints: The Case of Mandarin Chinese Dec/2012
ROA 1169 John Alderete, Paul Tupper, Stefan Frisch Phonological constraint induction in a connectionist network: Learning OCP-Place constraints from data Dec/2012
ROA 1168 Collen Sabao Feature sensitive and context [in-]-sensitive glide formation and coalescence in hiatus resolution in isiNdebele Dec/2012
ROA 1167 Giorgio Magri A note on the GLA's choice of the current loser from the perspective of factorizability Dec/2012
ROA 1166 Jennifer Culbertson, Paul Smolensky, Colin Wilson Cognitive biases, linguistic universals, and constraint-based grammar learning Nov/2012
ROA 1165 Paul Smolensky Cognition: Discrete or continuous computation? Nov/2012
ROA 1164 Paul Smolensky Subsymbolic computation theory for the human intuitive processor Nov/2012
ROA 1163 Paul Smolensky Symbolic functions from neural computation Nov/2012
ROA 1162 Marjoleine Sloos, Aone van Engelenhoven Input-Reduplicant correspondence in Leti Nov/2012
ROA 1161 John Alderete Phonotactic learning without a priori constraints: Arabic root cooccurrence restrictions revisited Oct/2012
ROA 1160 John Alderete Samoan root phonotactics: Digging deeper into the data Oct/2012
ROA 1159 Bern Samko Compensatory Lengthening in Harmonic Serialism Oct/2012
ROA 1158 Nazarre Merchant, Jason Riggle Erc Sets and Antimatroids Oct/2012
ROA 1157 Atle Grønn Russian Aspect as Bidirectional Optimization Sep/2012
ROA 1156 Shingo Sugiyama The visibility of syntactic movement to phonological component in Japanese Sep/2012
ROA 1155 Jennifer Amos A Sociophonological Analysis of Mersea Island English: An investigation of the diphthongs /au/, /ai/ and /oi/ Sep/2012
ROA 1154 Brett Hyde, Bethany McCord The Inadequacy of a Faithfulness-Based Approach to Spanish Secondary Stress Sep/2012
ROA 1153 Jeremy OBrien An Experimental Approach to Debuccalization and Supplementary Gestures Sep/2012
ROA 1152 Brett Miller Feature Patterns Sep/2012
ROA 1151 Gerrit Kentner Rhythmic Parsing Sep/2012
ROA 1150 Diego Krivochen Revisiting the Evaluator: Derivations (and Learning) in OT Sep/2012
ROA 1149 Igor Yanovich On sets of OT rankings Sep/2012
ROA 1148 Kariema El Touny Optionality in Cairene Arabic wh-questions between the Minimalist Program and Optimality Theory Sep/2012
ROA 1147 Kariema El Touny Question Formation between the Minimalist Program and Optimality Theory Sep/2012
ROA 1146 Nazarre Merchant Learning ranking information from unspecified overt forms using the join Sep/2012
ROA 1145 Gaja Jarosz Restrictiveness and Phonological Grammar and Lexicon Learning May/2011
ROA 1144 Gaja Jarosz Naive parameter learning for Optimality Theory - The hidden structure problem May/2011
ROA 1143 Gaja Jarosz The Roles of Phonotactics and Frequency in the Learning of Alternations May/2011
ROA 1142 Robert Daland, Bruce Hayes Explaining sonority projection effects May/2011
ROA 1141 Michael Becker, Anne-Michelle Tessier Trajectories of faithfulness in child-specific phonology May/2011
ROA 1140 Shigeto Kawahara Modes of phonological judgment Apr/2011
ROA 1139 Tomasz Obiala Reranking Constraints: Coda obstruent devoicing in the acquisition of English phonology by Polish speakers Apr/2011
ROA 1138 Giorgio Magri On the complexity of the problem of the acquisition of phonotactics in Optimality Theory Apr/2011
ROA 1137 Sander Lestrade The space of case Apr/2011
ROA 1136 Travis G. Bradley Mid Front Vowel Lowering before Rhotics in Ibero-Romance Mar/2011
ROA 1135 Jennifer L. Smith [+wh] complementizers drive phonological phrasing in Fukuoka Japanese Mar/2011
ROA 1134 Kevin Mullin Strength in Harmony Systems: Trigger and Directional Asymmetries Feb/2011
ROA 1133 Gereon Mueller Optimality-Theoretic Syntax Feb/2011
ROA 1132 Shigeto Kawahara, Melanie Pangilinan, Kelly Garvey Spectral continuity and the perception of duration: Implications for phonological patterns of sonorant geminates Jan/2011
ROA 1131 Michael Kenstowicz, Young Ah Do A Note on Phonological Phrasing in South Kyungsang Jan/2011
ROA 1130 Michael Kenstowicz Vocale Incerta, Vocale Aperta Jan/2011
ROA 1129 Philip Roberts An Optimality-Theoretic Analysis of Lachmann's Law Jan/2011
ROA 1128 Bartek Kurzyca Iambic Templates in Hausa Morphology Jan/2011
ROA 1127 Jane Grimshaw Supplementary Material for 'Last Resorts: a Typology of do-support' Mar/2011
ROA 1126 Zheng Xu, Mark Aronoff A Realization Optimality-Theoretic approach to blocking and extended morphological exponence Jan/2011
ROA 1125 Wai Man Lam Syllable Contraction in Cantonese A-not-A Constructions: An Optimality Account Sep/2010
ROA 1124 Bin Li Constraints and Constraint Hierarchy of Syllabification in Latin Sep/2010
ROA 1123 Byung-Gun Lee Natural Derivational Phonology and Phonological Opacity Dec/2010
ROA 1122 Byung-Gun Lee Phase Alternation in Rotuman in OT Natural Phonology Dec/2010
ROA 1121 Byung-Gun Lee Harmonic Serialsim and Natural Derivational Phonology Dec/2010
ROA 1120 Byung-Gun Lee Augmentation and Reduplication in OT Natural Phonology Dec/2010
ROA 1119 Byung-Gun Lee Natural Derivational Phonology Dec/2010
ROA 1118 Matthew Wolf Limits on global rules in OT-CC: Mutual counterfeeding, self-counterfeeding, and mutual counterbleeding Dec/2010
ROA 1117 Matthew Wolf Lexical insertion occurs in the phonological component Dec/2010
ROA 1116 Ricardo Bermudez-Otero The architecture of grammar and the division of labour in exponence Dec/2010
ROA 1115 Christopher Green Prosodic phonology in Bamana (Bambara): Syllable complexity, metrical structure, and tone Nov/2010
ROA 1114 Christoph Gabriel On Focus, Prosody, and word order in Argentinean Spanish. A Minimalist OT Account Nov/2010
ROA 1113 Travis G. Bradley, Jason Smith The Phonology-Morphology Interface in Judeo-Spanish Diminutive Formation: A Lexical Ordering and Subcategorization Approach Nov/2010
ROA 1112 Alexei Kochetov, Laura Colantoni Place vs. Stricture in Spanish Nasal Assimilation Nov/2010
ROA 1111 Jane Grimshaw Last Resorts: A Typology of Do-Support Nov/2010
ROA 1110 Alexei Kochetov, John Alderete Patterns and scales of expressive palatalization: Typological and experimental evidence Nov/2010
ROA 1109 Shigeto Kawahara, Sophia Kao The productivity of an initial accenting suffix, [-zu]: Judgement studies Dec/2010
ROA 1108 Max Bane, Jason Riggle When more choice means less freedom: a note on candidate sets and typologies Nov/2010
ROA 1107 Maria Gouskova Unexceptional Segments Nov/2010
ROA 1106 Maria Gouskova The Phonology of Boundaries and Secondary Stress in Russian Compounds Nov/2010
ROA 1105 Giorgio Magri A computational perspective on OT online models of the early stage of the acquisition of phonotactics. Part 1: convergence Oct/2010
ROA 1104 Giorgio Magri HG has no computational advantages over OT: consequences for the theory of OT online algorithms Oct/2010
ROA 1103 Paul Smolensky, Matthew Goldrick, Donald Mathis Optimization and Quantization in Gradient Symbol Systems: A Framework for Integrating the Continuous and the Discrete in Cognition Oct/2010
ROA 1102 E-Ching Ng Reduction, frequency and morphology in Singaporean English prosody Sep/2010
ROA 1101 Josef Fruehwald, Kyle Gorman Cross-derivational feeding is epiphenomenal Sep/2010
ROA 1100 Maria Cabrera-Callís, Claudia Pons-Moll, Francesc-Josep Torres-Tamarit Left is more: Rhotic metathesis in Algherese Catalan Sep/2010
ROA 1099 John J. McCarthy Harmonic Serialism Supplement to Doing Optimality Theory Aug/2010
ROA 1098 Andries W Coetzee, Shigeto Kawahara Frequency Biases in Phonological Variation May/2011
ROA 1097 Alan Prince Counting Parses Aug/2010
ROA 1096 John J. McCarthy, Kevin Mullin, Brian Smith Implications of Harmonic Serialism for lexical tone association Aug/2010
ROA 1095 Birgit Alber An Exploration of Truncation in Italian Aug/2010
ROA 1094 Birgit Alber Past Participles in Mòcheno: allomorphy, alignment and the distribution of obstruents Aug/2010
ROA 1093 Claudia Pons-Moll Underapplication of vowel reduction to schwa in Majorcan Catalan. Some evidence for the left syllable of the stem as a prominent position and for subparadigms Oct/2010
ROA 1092 Claudia Pons-Moll It is all downhill from here: a typological study of the role of Syllable Contact in Romance languages Oct/2010
ROA 1091 Maria Ohannesian, Claudia Pons-Moll Shattering Paradigms. An Attempt to Formalize Pressures within Subparadigms Aug/2010
ROA 1090 Claudia Pons-Moll When diachrony meets synchrony. Phonological change, phonological variation and Optimal Paradigms Jul/2010
ROA 1089 John J. McCarthy Agreement By Correspondence Without Corr Constraints Jul/2010
ROA 1088 Shigeto Kawahara The productivity of an initial accenting suffix, [-zu]: Judgement studies Jul/2010
ROA 1087 Shigeto Kawahara, Kelly Garvey Testing the P-map hypothesis: Coda devoicing Jul/2010
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ROA 1085 Joe Pater Serial Harmonic Grammar and Berber Syllabification Jul/2010
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ROA 1080 John J. McCarthy, Wendell Kimper, Kevin Mullin Copying prosodic constituents Jun/2010
ROA 1079 Steve Parker How many constraints are there? A preliminary inventory of OT phonological constraints Jun/2010
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ROA 1077 Abby Kaplan Phonology Shaped by Phonetics: The Case of Intervocalic Lenition Jun/2010
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ROA 1075 Jason Riggle Sampling Rankings May/2010
ROA 1074 Hyung-Soo Kim The Full-to-Partial Reduction in Korean and Turkish reduplication May/2010
ROA 1073 Gaja Jarosz Implicational Markedness and Frequency in Constraint-Based Computational Models of Phonological Learning May/2010
ROA 1072 Joe Pater Non-vacuous specific with general gang effects May/2010
ROA 1071 Adam Wayment Assimilation as Attraction: Computing Distance, Similarity, and Locality in Phonology Apr/2010
ROA 1070 Peter Staroverov Too-many-solutions and Reference to Position in Serial OT Mar/2010
ROA 1069 Itsik Pariente Pharyngeal related non-lexical vowels in Sephardic Modern Hebrew Feb/2010
ROA 1068 Max Bane, Jason Riggle The typological consequences of weighted constraints Jan/2010
ROA 1067 Tamas Biro OTKit: tools for Optimality Theory Jan/2010
ROA 1066 Zheng Xu, Mark Aronoff A Realization Optimality-Theoretic approach to full and partial identity of forms Jan/2011
ROA 1065 Marc Ettlinger The persistence and obliteration of opaque Interactions Dec/2009
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ROA 1063 T.-Y. Vivian Lee Juncture Phrasing Thresholds: A constraint-based approach to speech rate effects on Mandarin tone sandhi Dec/2009
ROA 1062 Brett Hyde A Closer Look at Iterative Foot Optimization and the Case against Parallelism Dec/2009
ROA 1061 Marc Ettlinger Phonological chain shifts during acquisition: Evidence for lexicon optimization Dec/2009
ROA 1060 Simon Donnelly Aspects of Tone and Voice in Phuthi Dec/2009
ROA 1059 Shigeto Kawahara Japanese loanword devoicing revisited: A rating study Sep/2010
ROA 1058 Marc Ettlinger Input-Driven Opacity Nov/2009
ROA 1057 Alan Prince RCD - The Movie Nov/2009
ROA 1056 Michael Franke An Epistemic Interpretation of Bidirectional Optimality Based on Signaling Games Nov/2009
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ROA 1053 Mark Aronoff, Zheng Xu A Realization Optimality-Theoretic approach to affix order Jan/2011
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ROA 1050 John J. McCarthy Autosegmental spreading in Optimality Theory Sep/2009
ROA 1049 John J. McCarthy Studying GEN Sep/2009
ROA 1048 John J. McCarthy Pausal phonology and morpheme realization Sep/2009
ROA 1047 Emily Elfner Syllabification and Stress-Epenthesis Interactions in Harmonic Serialism Sep/2009
ROA 1046 Silke Hamann, Diana Apoussidou, Paul Boersma Modelling the formation of phonotactic restrictions across the mental lexicon Aug/2009
ROA 1045 Rida Bernouss Alignment versus sonority in CCC structures: a paradigmatic explanation Aug/2009
ROA 1044 Jason Riggle Generating Contenders Aug/2009
ROA 1043 Olga Tihonova Acquisition and Opacity Aug/2009
ROA 1042 Eric Bakovic Local blocking and minimal violation Aug/2009
ROA 1041 Dirk-Bart den Ouden Multi-level OT: An argument from speech pathology Aug/2009
ROA 1040 Lisa Marston A Stratal OT Analysis of the Sanskrit Nominal Accent Paradigm Aug/2009
ROA 1039 Matthew Goldrick Using Psychological Realism to Advance Phonological Theory Jul/2009
ROA 1038 Tamas Biro Elephants and Optimality Again: SA-OT accounts for pronoun resolution in child language Jul/2009
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ROA 1036 Michael Becker, Lena Fainleib The naturalness of product-oriented generalizations Jul/2009
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ROA 1034 Bozena Pajak, Eric Bakovic Assimilation, antigemination, and contingent optionality: the phonology of monoconsonantal proclitics in Polish Aug/2010
ROA 1033 Andries W Coetzee An integrated grammatical/non-grammatical model of phonological variation Jun/2009
ROA 1032 Tamas Biro Squeezing the Infinite into the Finite: Handling the OT Candidate Set with Finite State Technology Jun/2009
ROA 1031 Edward Garrett Minimal words aren't minimal feet Jun/2009
ROA 1030 Matthew Tucker The Root-and-Prosody Approach to Arabic Verbs May/2009
ROA 1029 John Alderete, Alexei Kochetov Japanese mimetic palatalization revisited: implications for conflicting directionality Apr/2009
ROA 1028 Katherine Ketner Size Restrictions in Prosodic Morphology Apr/2009
ROA 1027 Seunghun Lee Consonant-Tone Interaction in Optimality Theory Apr/2009
ROA 1026 Jean-Marc Beltzung Compensatory lengthening in phonological representations: nature, constraints and typology Apr/2009
ROA 1025 Darya Kavitskaya, Peter Staroverov Opacity in Tundra Nenets Apr/2009
ROA 1024 Peter Jurgec Disjunctive Lexical Stratification Apr/2009
ROA 1023 Paul Arsenault, Alexei Kochetov Retroflex harmony in Kalasha: agreement or spreading? Apr/2009
ROA 1022 Apichai Rungruang English loanwords in Thai and OT Mar/2009
ROA 1021 Scott AnderBois Strong Positions and Laryngeal Features in Yukatek Maya Mar/2009
ROA 1020 Shin-ichiro Sano The Roles of Internal and External Factors and the Mechanism of Analogical Leveling: Variationist- and Probabilistic OT approach to Ongoing Language Change in Japanese Voice System Mar/2009
ROA 1019 Sander Lestrade Finnish case alternating adpositions: A corpus study Mar/2009
ROA 1018 Karen Jesney Positional Faithfulness, Non-locality, and the Harmonic Serialism Solution Mar/2009
ROA 1017 Andrew Kostakis Vestige Theory: Sociolinguistic Evidence for Output-Output constraints Mar/2009
ROA 1016 Stefan Keine, Gereon Mueller Non-Zero/Non-Zero Alternations in Differential Object Marking Feb/2009
ROA 1015 Anne-Michelle Tessier UseListedError: a grammatical account of lexical exceptions in phonological acquisition Feb/2009
ROA 1014 Joseph Lovestrand Prosodically Motivated Focus In Hausa: An Optimality Theory Account Feb/2009
ROA 1013 Bruce Tesar Learning Phonological Grammars for Output-Driven Maps Feb/2009
ROA 1012 Bin Li A Multi-Dimensional Model of Modern British English Phonology May/2011
ROA 1011 Olga Vaysman Segmental Alternations and Metrical Theory Jan/2009
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ROA 1008 Michael Becker Phonological Trends in the Lexicon: The Role of Constraints Dec/2008
ROA 1007 Robert Kirchner Computing phonological generalization over real speech exemplars Dec/2008
ROA 1006 Jan-Willem van Leussen Emergent optimal vowel systems Dec/2008
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ROA 1004 Gabriel de Avila Othero Functional Constraints on Wh-question Formation Dec/2008
ROA 1003 Matthew Goldrick, Robert Daland Linking speech errors and phonological grammars: Insights from Harmonic Grammar networks Nov/2008
ROA 1002 Matthew Goldrick Constraint interaction: A lingua franca for stochastic theories of language Nov/2008
ROA 1001 Michael Becker, Nihan Ketrez, Andrew Nevins The Surfeit of the Stimulus: Analytic biases filter lexical statistics in Turkish laryngeal alternations Nov/2010
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ROA 998 Brett Hyde Alignment Continued: Distance-Sensitivity, Order-Sensitivity, and the Midpoint Pathology Nov/2008
ROA 997 Max Bane, Jason Riggle, Morgan Sonderegger The VC Dimension of Constraint-Based Grammars Aug/2009
ROA 996 Matthew Wolf Optimal Interleaving: Serial Phonology-Morphology Interaction in a Constraint-Based Model Oct/2008
ROA 995 Michael Becker, Peter Jurgec Interactions of tone and ATR in Slovenian Oct/2008
ROA 994 Gereon Mueller Syncretism without Underspecification in Optimality Theory: The Role of Leading Forms Oct/2008
ROA 993 Faisal Al-Mohanna Positional Syllable Maximality: Syllabification in Hejazi Sep/2008
ROA 992 David Teeple Lexical Selection and Strong Parallelism Dec/2008
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ROA 990 Hyung-Soo Kim The phonetics and phonology of vowel length variation in Korean reduplicated ideophones Aug/2008
ROA 989 Sara Finley Formal and Cognitive Restrictions on Vowel Harmony Aug/2008
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ROA 987 T. Mark Ellison The Universal Constraint Set: Convention not Fact Jul/2008
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ROA 978 Jason Riggle Violation Semirings in Optimality Theory Jun/2008
ROA 977 Aaron Kaplan Noniterativity is an Emergent Property of Grammar Jun/2008
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ROA 971 Brett Hyde The Odd-Parity Parsing Problem May/2008
ROA 970 Paul Boersma, Joe Pater Convergence Properties of a Gradual Learning Algorithm for Harmonic Grammar May/2008
ROA 969 Graham Horwood Implications of Katu Nominalization for Infixation Typology May/2008
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ROA 962 Travis G. Bradley On the Syllabification of Prevocalic /w/ in Judeo-Spanish Apr/2008
ROA 961 Mingxing Li The Tonal Aspect of Xiamen (Min) Reduplication Apr/2008
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ROA 957 Matthew Wolf Mutation and learnability in Optimality Theory Jun/2008
ROA 956 Bruce Tesar Output-Driven Maps Mar/2008
ROA 955 John Alderete Using learnability as a filter on factorial typology: a new approach to Anderson and Browne's generalization Jun/2008
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ROA 953 Paul Boersma Some correct error-driven versions of the Constraint Demotion algorithm Mar/2008
ROA 952 Andries W Coetzee Phonological Variation and Lexical Frequency Feb/2008
ROA 951 Petra Hendriks A unified explanation for production/comprehension asymmetries Jan/2008
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ROA 946 Andries W Coetzee, Joe Pater The place of variation in phonological theory Oct/2009
ROA 945 Andries W Coetzee Grammaticality and Ungrammaticality in Phonology Jan/2008
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ROA 943 Alan Prince Let the decimal system do it for you: a very simple utility function for OT Dec/2007
ROA 942 T. A. Hall Comparative Markedness vs. Standard Faithfulness Theory: A typological comparison Dec/2007
ROA 941 Melissa Frazier Default Case in OT Syntax Dec/2007
ROA 940 Melissa Frazier Accent in Athematic Nouns in Vedic Sanskrit and Its Development from PIE Dec/2007
ROA 939 Bruce Tesar A Comparison of Lexicographic and Linear Numeric Optimization Using Violation Difference Ratios Dec/2007
ROA 938 Hyung-Soo Kim The full vs. partial reduplication in Korean salsal and salulu: A case for over- and under-application Nov/2007
ROA 937 Curt Rice The roles of Gen and Con in modeling ternary rhythm Nov/2007
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ROA 935 Eric Lief Syncope in Spanish and Portuguese: The Diachrony of Hispano-Romance Phonotactics Nov/2007
ROA 934 Reinhard Blutner Neural Networks, Penalty Logic and Optimality Theory Nov/2007
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ROA 928 Michael Becker, Joe Pater OT-Help 1.0 User Manual Oct/2007
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ROA 926 Matthew Wolf What constraint connectives should be permitted in OT? Sep/2007
ROA 925 Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza Minimal contrast and the phonology-phonetics interaction Sep/2007
ROA 924 Joe Pater, Rajesh Bhatt, Christopher Potts Linguistic Optimization Jul/2008
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ROA 921 YinHsiar Sabrina Ong Phonological Elision in Malaysian Cantonese Casual Speech Apr/2008
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ROA 919 Lian Hee Wee A Percolative Model of Phonology Jul/2007
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ROA 915 Ralf Vogel Wh-Islands: A View from Correspondence Theory Jun/2007
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ROA 913 Klara Weiand Implementing Escudero's model for the SUBSET problem May/2007
ROA 912 Matthew Wolf Lexical insertion occurs in the phonological component May/2007
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ROA 907 Max Wheeler Syncope and apocope in the history of Catalan: an Optimality Theory Approach Apr/2007
ROA 906 Joe Pater Morpheme-Specific Phonology: Constraint Indexation and Inconsistency Resolution Mar/2007
ROA 905 Petra Hendriks Learning to reason about speakers' alternatives in sentence comprehension: A computational account Mar/2007
ROA 904 Marianne Borroff A Landmark Underspecification Account of the Patterning of Glottal Stop Apr/2007
ROA 903 Darren Tanner Context insensitive vowel hiatus resolution in Ciyao Mar/2007
ROA 902 Jim Wood An Optimality Theoretic Account of Optionality and Variation in Stylistic Fronting Feb/2007
ROA 901 Jesus Jimenez, Maria-Rosa Lloret Andalusian Vowel Harmony: Weak Triggers and Perceptibility Feb/2007
ROA 900 Nina Topintzi A (not so) paradoxical instance of compensatory lengthening: Samothraki Greek and theoretical implications Feb/2007
ROA 899 Noriko Yamane-Tanaka *K in Conflation Theory: When a Language Has Transguttural Harmony Feb/2007
ROA 898 Tamas Biro When the Hothead Speaks: Simulated Annealing Optimality Theory for Dutch Fast Speech Jan/2007
ROA 897 Tamas Biro How to Define Simulated Annealing for Optimality Theory? Jan/2007
ROA 896 Tamas Biro Finding the Right Words: Implementing Optimality Theory with Simulated Annealing Jan/2007
ROA 895 Faisal Al-Mohanna An Optimal Alternative to Iterative Footing Jan/2007
ROA 894 Dan Silverman Dynamic versus static phonotactic conditions in prosodic morphology Jan/2007
ROA 893 Iwona Kraska-Szlenk Analogy: The relation between lexicon and grammar Apr/2007
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ROA 892.06 Ralf Vogel The Simple Generator Jan/2007
ROA 892.05 Hans Broekhuis Derivations (MP) and Evaluations (OT) Jan/2007
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ROA 890 Hideki Zamma Categorical and Non-categorical Variation in English Stress Assignment Jan/2007
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ROA 876 Loren Billings Approximation in Russian and the single-word constraint Oct/2006
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ROA 871 Jaehee Bak Optional case marking of the possessor in Korean Sep/2006
ROA 870 Daniel Altshuler Osage fills the gap: The quantity insensitive iamb & the typology of feet Sep/2006
ROA 869 Paul Boersma A constraint-based explanation of the McGurk effect Sep/2006
ROA 868 Paul Boersma A programme for bidirectional phonology and phonetics and their acquisition and evolution Sep/2006
ROA 867 Birgit Alber Doubling and resumptive pronouns in Tyrolean wh-extraction Sep/2006
ROA 866 Joe Pater The Locus of Exceptionality: Morpheme-Specific Phonology as Constraint Indexation May/2007
ROA 865 Gessiane Picanco Mundurukú: Phonetics, Phonology, Synchrony, Diachrony Sep/2006
ROA 864 Andries W Coetzee Grammar is both categorical and gradient Jan/2007
ROA 863 Andries W Coetzee Variation as accessing 'non-optimal' candidates: A rank-ordering model of EVAL Sep/2006
ROA 862 Heather Goad, Meaghen Buckley Prosodic structure in child French: Evidence for the foot Sep/2006
ROA 861 Gabriel Poliquin Canadian French Vowel Harmony Sep/2006
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ROA 859 John Alderete Exploring recursivity, stringency, and gradience in the Pama-Nyungan stress continuum May/2008
ROA 858 Bruce Hayes, Colin Wilson A Maximum Entropy Model of Phonotactics and Phonotactic Learning Aug/2006
ROA 857 Jane Grimshaw Location Specific Constraints in Matrix and Subordinate Clauses Aug/2006
ROA 856 Jonathan David Bobaljik Paradigms (Optimal and Otherwise): A case for scepticism Aug/2006
ROA 855 Travis G. Bradley Constraints on the Metathesis of Sonorant Consonants in Judeo-Spanish Jul/2006
ROA 854 Mingxing Li Neutral Tones in Disyllabic Sequences Across Chinese Dialects: An OT Account Apr/2008
ROA 853 Marc van Oostendorp Derived Environment Effects and Consistency of Exponence Jul/2006
ROA 852 Anthi Revithiadou Colored Turbid accents and Containment: A case study from lexical stress Jul/2006
ROA 851 Marc van Oostendorp Incomplete Devoicing in Formal Phonology Jul/2006
ROA 850 Eric Bakovic A revised typology of opaque generalizations Jan/2007
ROA 849 Anna Lubowicz Paradigmatic Contrast in Polish Jul/2006
ROA 848 Nina Topintzi Moraic Onsets Jul/2006
ROA 847 Hyung-Soo Kim Underlying Bases for Reduplicated and Sound Symbolic Words in Korean: The so-called emphatic suffixation revisited Jul/2006
ROA 846 Maartje Schreuder Prosodic Processes in Language and Music Jul/2006
ROA 845 Bruce Moren The division of labor between segment-internal structure and violable constraints Jun/2006
ROA 844.13 Moira Yip Is there such a thing as animal phonology? Jun/2006
ROA 844.12 Bruce Tesar Learning From Paradigmatic Information Jun/2006
ROA 844.11 Paul Smolensky On theoretical facts and empirical abstractions Jun/2006
ROA 844.10 Vieri Samek-Lodovici Absence of stress culmination and prosodic phrasing Jun/2006
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ROA 817 Anne-Michelle Tessier Testing for OO-Faithfulness in Artificial Phonological Acquisition Apr/2006
ROA 816 Noriko Yamane-Tanaka Transguttural Harmony in Gitksan: Its Development and Typological Implications Apr/2006
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ROA 764 Anna Lubowicz Locality of Conjunction Jul/2005
ROA 763 Anna Lubowicz Local Conjunction and Comparative Markedness Jul/2005
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ROA 682 Vieri Samek-Lodovici Prosody-syntax interaction in the expression of focus
ROA 681 Giovana Ferreira-Goncalves Phonological disorders in the light of constraints
ROA 680 Frank Keller, Theodora Alexopoulou Phonology Competes with Syntax: Experimental Evidence for the Interaction of Word Order and Accent Placement in the Realization of Information Structure Aug/2004
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ROA 662 Ralf Vogel Correspondence in OT Syntax and Minimal Link Effects May/2004
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ROA 655 Marc van Oostendorp Crossing morpheme boundaries in Dutch Apr/2004
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ROA 626 Daniel Sanford Tell and Say: Towards an OT Approach to Semantics Oct/2003
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ROA 623 Andries W Coetzee Sympathy Theory and the set of possible winners Oct/2003
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ROA 617 Adam Baker Parallel Evaluation in Stratal OT Sep/2003
ROA 616 John J. McCarthy The length of stem-final vowels in Colloquial Arabic May/2006
ROA 615 David Eberhard Mamainde Tone: an account of plateauing in an Amazonian language Nov/2004
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ROA 613 Russell Norton Derivational Phonology and Optimality Phonology: Formal Comparison and Synthesis Sep/2003
ROA 612 David Eberhard Mamainde pre-stopped nasals - an optimality account of vowel dominance and a proposal for the Identical Rhyme Constraint Sep/2003
ROA 611 Alex Zepter Phrase Structure Directionality: Having a few Choices Aug/2003
ROA 610 Maria Gouskova Deriving Economy: Syncope in Optimality Theory Aug/2003
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ROA 600 Tamas Biro Quadratic Alignment Constraints and Finite State Optimality Theory
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ROA 598 Gereon Mueller Local vs. Global Optimization in Syntax: A Case Study
ROA 597 Paul Boersma Overt forms and the control of comprehension
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ROA 595 Alexei Kochetov Positional markedness as a by-product of the learning situation
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ROA 583 Katherine Crosswhite Vowel Reduction in Russian: A Unified Account of Standard, Dialectal, and 'Dissimilative' Patterns
ROA 582 Katherine Crosswhite The Analysis of Extreme Vowel Reduction
ROA 581 Katherine Crosswhite Intra-Paradigmatic Homophony Avoidance in Two Dialects of Slavic
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ROA 578 Linda Lombardi Markedness and the typology of epenthetic vowels
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ROA 561 Paul de Lacy Constraint universality and prosodic phrasing in Maori
ROA 560 Alexei Kochetov Perception of gestural overlap and self-organizing phonological contrasts
ROA 559 Alexei Kochetov Testing Licensing by Cue
ROA 558 Alexei Kochetov Labial palatalization in Polish Dialects: A gestural account of phonetic implementation
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ROA 186 No-Ju Kim Tone, Segments, and Their Interaction in North Kyungsang Korean: A Correspondence Theoretic Account
ROA 185 Akinbiyi Akinlabi Featural Affixation
ROA 184 David Pesetsky Some Optimality Principles of Sentence Pronunciation
ROA 183 Eugene Buckley Alignment in Manam stress
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ROA 181 João Costa Word Order and Constraint Interaction
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ROA 179 Joan Bresnan The Emergence of the Unmarked pronoun: Chichewa Pronominals in Optimality Theory
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ROA 177 Bruce Tesar An Iterative Strategy for Learning Metrical Stress in Optimality Theory
ROA 176 Farida Cassimjee, Charles W. Kisseberth Optimal Domains Theory and Bantu Tonology: A Case Study from Isixhosa and Shingazidja
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ROA 171 Orhan Orgun Sign-Based Morphology and Phonology with special attention to Optimality Theory
ROA 170 Mark Hale, Charles Reiss Formal and Empirical Arguments Concerning Phonological Acquisition
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ROA 166 Byung-Gun Lee The Emergence of the Faithful
ROA 165 Geraldine Legendre Clitics, verb (non)-movement, and optimality in Bulgarian
ROA 164 Peter Sells Optimality and Economy of Expression in Japanese and Korean
ROA 163 Dan Everett Syllable Integrity
ROA 162 Robert Kirchner Cues or Contexts in Feature Licensing Constraints
ROA 161 Lee S. Bickmore Bantu Tone spreading and displacement as alignment and minimal misalignment
ROA 160 Joe Pater Austronesian Nasal Substitution and Other NC Effects
ROA 159 Moira Yip Feet, tonal reduction and speech rate at the word and phrase level in Chinese
ROA 158 Bruce Hayes Phonetically Driven Phonology: The Role of Optimality Theory and Inductive Grounding
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ROA 155 Bruce Tesar, Paul Smolensky Learnability in Optimality Theory (short version)
ROA 154 Paul Smolensky The Initial State and 'Richness of the Base' in Optimality Theory
ROA 153 Antony D. Green Some effects of the weight-to-stress principle and grouping harmony in the Goidelic languages
ROA 152 Markus Walther OT SIMPLE - A construction-kit approach to Optimality Theory implementation
ROA 151 Cheryl Zoll Conflicting Directionality
ROA 150 Greg Lamontagne Relativized Contiguity, Part I: Contiguity and Syllable Prosody
ROA 149 Vieri Samek-Lodovici A Unified Analysis of Crosslinguistic Morphological Gemination
ROA 148 Vieri Samek-Lodovici Constraints on Subjects: An Optimality Theoretic Analysis
ROA 147 Hye-Won Choi Optimizing Structure in Context: Scrambling and Information Structure
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ROA 145 Junko Ito, Armin Mester Correspondence and Compositionality: The Ga-gyo Variation in Japanese Phonology
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ROA 143 Cheryl Zoll Parsing below the Segment in a Constraint-Based Framework
ROA 142 Rachel Walker Buriat Syllable Weight and Head Prominence [PASC-3]
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ROA 129 Haike Jacobs Optimality Theory and Sound Change
ROA 128 Haike Jacobs An Optimality-Theoretic Analysis of Phonological and Syntactic Aspects of Enclisis and Proclisis in Old French, Brazilian and European Portuguese
ROA 127 Haike Jacobs Lenition and Optimality Theory
ROA 126 Samuel Rosenthall Vowel/Glide Alternation in a Theory of Constraint Interaction
ROA 125 Miriam Meyerhoff, William Thomas Reynolds On Reduplication and Its Effects on the Base
ROA 124 Sharon Inkelas, Orhan Orgun, Cheryl Zoll Exceptions and static phonological patterns: cophonologies vs. prespecification
ROA 123 Orhan Orgun Monotonic Cyclicity
ROA 122 Orhan Orgun Sign-Based Morphology: a declarative theory of phonology-morphology interleaving
ROA 121 Dan Everett Prosodic Levels and Constraints in Banawa and Suruwaha
ROA 120 Antony D. Green Stress Placement in Munster Irish
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ROA 118 Paul Smolensky On the Comprehension/Production Dilemma in Child Language
ROA 117 Geraldine Legendre, Paul Smolensky, Colin Wilson When is Less More? Faithfulness and Minimal Links in wh-Chains
ROA 116 Grazyna Rowicka 2+2=3 -- Stress in Munster Irish
ROA 115 Antony D. Green The prosodic structure of Burmese: a constraint-based approach
ROA 114 John J. McCarthy Process-Specific Constraints in Optimality Theory
ROA 113 Jaye Padgett Partial Class Behavior and Nasal Place Assimilation
ROA 112 Jaye Padgett Feature Classes
ROA 111 Jessica Barlow The Development of Onglides in American English
ROA 110 John J. McCarthy Extensions of Faithfulness: Rotuman Revisited
ROA 109 Roland Noske Is French Optimal? A question concerning phonological process order
ROA 108 Sharon Hargus The First Person Plural Subject Prefix in Babine/Witsuwit'en
ROA 107 Joe Pater On the nonuniformity of weight-to-stress and stress preservation effects in English
ROA 106 Adamantios Gafos On the Proper Characterization of 'Nonconcatenative' Languages
ROA 105 Linda Lombardi Why Place and Voice are different: constraint interactions and feature faithfulness in Optimality Theory
ROA 104 Mark Hale, Charles Reiss The Initial Ranking of Faithfulness Constraints in UG
ROA 103 Michael Kenstowicz Base-Identity and Uniform Exponence: Alternatives to Cyclicity
ROA 102 Charles Reiss Deriving an implicational universal in two theories of phonology
ROA 101 Thomas Green, Michael Kenstowicz The Lapse Constraint
ROA 100 Chris Golston, Richard Wiese Zero morphology and constraint interaction: subtraction and epenthesis in German dialects
ROA 99 Junko Ito, Yoshihisa Kitagawa, Armin Mester Prosodic Faithfulness and Correspondence
ROA 98 Jennifer S. Cole, Charles W. Kisseberth Restricting Multi-level Constraint Evaluation: Opaque Rule Interaction in Yawelmani Vowel Harmony
ROA 97 John J. McCarthy Some Misconceptions about Optimality Theory
ROA 96 Eric Bakovic Strong Onsets and Spanish Fortition
ROA 95 Chris Golston Against syllabification
ROA 94 John Alderete Faithfulness to Prosodic Heads
ROA 93.10 R. Ruth Roberts-Kohno Derivationalism in Kikamba Vowel Hiatus Phenomena [Handout, Tilburg 'Derivational Residue' Conference]
ROA 93.09 Krisztina Polgardi Derived Environment Effects and Optimality Theory [Handout, Abstract, Tilburg 'Derivational Residue' Conference]
ROA 93.08 Orhan Orgun Sign Based Morphology: a nonderivational theory of phonology-morphology interleaving [Handout, Tilburg 'Derivational Residue' Conference]
ROA 93.07 Rene Kager Surface opacity of metrical structure in Optimality Theory [Handout, Tilburg 'Derivational Residue' Conference]
ROA 93.06 Bruce Hayes A phonetically-driven, optimality-theoretic account of postnasal voicing [Handout, Tilburg 'Derivational Residue' Conference]
ROA 93.05 San Duanmu Alignment and the Cycle are Different [Handout, Tilburg 'Derivational Residue' Conference]
ROA 93.04 Matthew Chen Directionality: Constraints on Derivation? [Handout, Tilburg 'Derivational Residue' Conference]
ROA 93.03 Eugene Buckley Cyclicity as Correspondence [Handout, Tilburg 'Derivational Residue' Conference]
ROA 93.02 Mary M. Bradshaw Unrecoverable Origins [Handout, Tilburg 'Derivational Residue' Conference]
ROA 93.01 Laura Benua Identity Effects in Morphological Truncation [Handout, Tilburg 'Derivational Residue' Conference]
ROA 93 John Alderete Faithfulness to Prosodic Heads [Handout, Tilburg 'Derivational Residue' Conference]
ROA 92 Joe Pater Austronesian Nasal Substitution and other NC effects
ROA 91 Avery D Andrews OT for Windows 1.1
ROA 90 Bruce Tesar Computational Optimality Theory
ROA 89 Maire Ni Chiosain Prosodic well-formedness and sonority constraints: epenthesis in Irish
ROA 88 Rene Kager On affix allomorphy and syllable counting
ROA 87 Paul Smolensky Harmony, markedness & phonological activity
ROA 86 Paul Smolensky On the structure of the constraint component Con of UG
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ROA 84 Marc van Oostendorp Vowel Quality and Phonological Projection
ROA 83 Moira Yip Repetition and its Avoidance: The Case of Javanese
ROA 82 Moira Yip Identity Avoidance in Phonology and Morphology
ROA 81 Moira Yip Morpheme-level Features: Chaoyang Syllable Structure and Nasalization
ROA 80 Eric Bakovic A Markedness Subhierarchy in Syntax: Optimality & Inversion in Spanish
ROA 79 John J. McCarthy Remarks on Phonological Opacity in Optimality Theory
ROA 78 Avery D Andrews Syllable Parser for Windows: OTW 1.0
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ROA 76 T. Mark Ellison Constraints, Exceptions and Representations
ROA 75 T. Mark Ellison Phonological Derivation in Optimality Theory
ROA 74 Laura Benua Identity Effects in Morphological Truncation
ROA 73 Suzanne Urbanczyk Double Reduplications in Parallel
ROA 72 Bernard Tranel Rules vs. Constraints: a Case Study
ROA 71 Chris Golston Direct Optimality Theory: Representation as Constraint Violation
ROA 70 Rene Kager Stem Disyllabicity in Guugu Yimidhirr
ROA 69 Peter Ackema, Ad Neeleman Optimal Questions
ROA 68 Jane Grimshaw Projection, Heads, and Optimality
ROA 67 Amalia E. Gnanadesikan Markedness and Faithfulness Constraints in Child Phonology
ROA 66 Robert Kirchner Going the Distance: Synchronic Chain Shifts in OT
ROA 65 Megan Crowhurst, Mark Hewitt Directional Footing, Degeneracy, and Alignment
ROA 64 John J. McCarthy Extensions of faithfulness: Rotuman Revisited
ROA 63 Arto Anttila Deriving variation from grammar: A study of Finnish genitives
ROA 62 Orhan Orgun Correspondence and identity constraints in two-level OT
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ROA 57 Eugene Buckley Constraint Domains in Kashaya
ROA 56 Eugene Buckley Alignment and Constraint Domains in Manam Stress
ROA 55 Ellen Woolford Object Agreement in Palauan: Specificity, Humanness, Economy, and Optimality
ROA 54 Tim Sherer Prosodic Phonotactics
ROA 53 Peter Sells, John Rickford, Thomas Wasow An Optimality Theoretic Approach to Variation in Negative Inversion in AAVE
ROA 52 Bruce Tesar Computing Optimal Forms in Optimality Theory: Basic Syllabification
ROA 51 Robert Kirchner Contrastiveness is an Epiphenomenon of Constraint Ranking
ROA 50 Katherine Demuth Markedness and the Development of Prosodic Structure
ROA 49 Jennifer S. Cole, Charles W. Kisseberth Nasal Harmony in Optimal Domains Theory
ROA 48 Jennifer S. Cole, Charles W. Kisseberth Paradoxical Strength Conditions in Harmony Systems
ROA 47 Toyomi Takahashi Constraint Interaction in Aranda Stress
ROA 46 Kevin Broihier Optimality Theoretic Rankings with Tied Constraints: Slavic Relatives, Resumptive Pronouns and Learnability
ROA 45 Thomas Green The Stress Window in Piraha: A Reanalysis of Rhythm in Optimality Theory
ROA 44 Kevin Russell Morphemes and Candidates in Optimality Theory
ROA 43 Michael Hammond There is no Lexicon!
ROA 42 David Pesetsky Principles of Sentence Pronunciation
ROA 41 James Myers Rules, constraints and lexical phonology in Glenoe Scots
ROA 40 Sharon Inkelas The Consequences of Optimization for Underspecification
ROA 39 Sharon Inkelas Exceptional stress-attracting suffixes in Turkish: representations vs. the grammar
ROA 38 Junko Ito, Armin Mester, Jaye Padgett NC: Licensing and Underspecification in Optimality Theory
ROA 37 Paul Smolensky Harmony, Markedness, and Phonological Activity
ROA 36 Rene Kager Generalized Alignment and Morphological Parsing
ROA 35 Rene Kager Ternary Rhythm in Alignment Theory
ROA 34 Caroline Fery Umlaut and Inflection in German
ROA 33 Michael Kenstowicz Sonority-Driven Stress
ROA 32 Teresa Cabré, Michael Kenstowicz Prosodic Trapping in Catalan
ROA 31 Michael Kenstowicz Cyclic vs. Non-Cyclic Constraint Evaluation
ROA 30 Michael Kenstowicz Syllabification in Chukchee: a Constraints-based Analysis
ROA 29 Cheryl Zoll Subsegmental Parsing
ROA 28 Cheryl Zoll Directionless Syllabification in Yawelmani
ROA 27 Colleen M. Fitzgerald Prosody drives the Syntax: O'odham Rhythm
ROA 26 Rob Goedemans An Optimality Account of Onset Sensitivity in QI Languages
ROA 25 Abigail Cohn, John J. McCarthy Alignment and Parallelism in Indonesian Phonology
ROA 24 Henrietta Hung The Rhythmic and Prosodic Organization of Edge Constituents
ROA 23 Yael Sharvit Issues in the Phonology and Morphology of the Modern Hebrew Verbal System: Alignment Constraints in Verb Formation.
ROA 22 Jennifer S. Cole, Charles W. Kisseberth An Optimal Domains Theory of Harmony
ROA 21 Stephen R. Anderson How to put your Clitics in their Place, ...
ROA 20 Michael Hammond An OT Account of Variability in Walmatjari Stress
ROA 19 Megan Crowhurst Prosodic Alignment and Misalignment in Diyari, Dyirbal, & Gooniyandi: an Optimizing Approach
ROA 18 Philip Spaelti Weak Edges and Final Geminates in Swiss German
ROA 17 Eugene Buckley Alignment in Manam Stress
ROA 16 Troi Carleton, Scott Myers On Tonal Transfer
ROA 15 Bernard Tranel French liaison and elision revisited: A unified account within Optimality Theory
ROA 14 Moira Yip Phonological Constraints, Optimality, and Phonetic Realization in Cantonese
ROA 13 John J. McCarthy, Alan Prince The Emergence of the Unmarked: Optimality in Prosodic Morphology
ROA 12 Mark Hewitt Deconstructing Foot Binarity in Koniag Alutiiq
ROA 11 Bill Turkel The Acquisition of Optimality Theoretic Systems
ROA 10 Rene Kager Alignment and Ternary Stress
ROA 9 Henrietta Hung Iambicity, Rhythm, and Non-Parsing
ROA 8 Thomas Green The Conspiracy of Completeness
ROA 7 John J. McCarthy, Alan Prince Generalized Alignment
ROA 6 Scott Myers OCP Effects in Optimality Theory
ROA 5 Jane Grimshaw Minimal Projection, Heads, and Optimality
ROA 4 Robert Kirchner Turkish Vowel Harmony and Disharmony: An Optimality Theoretic Account
ROA 3 Geraldine Legendre, William Raymond, Paul Smolensky Analytic Typology of case marking and grammatical voice
ROA 2 Bruce Tesar, Paul Smolensky The Learnability of Optimality Theory: an Algorithm and some Basic Complexity Results
ROA 1 Armin Mester, Jaye Padgett Directional Syllabification in Generalized Alignment [PASC-3]