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Title:Alignment Continued: Distance-Sensitivity, Order-Sensitivity, and the Midpoint Pathology
Authors:Brett Hyde
Abstract:This paper presents an approach to alignment that avoids some of the difficulties encountered by the original formulation (McCarthy and Prince 1993). The proposal builds on McCarthy’s (2003) approach to alignment in that it makes alignment sensitive to the order in which misaligned edges occur, but it also maintains a key feature of the original in that it provides for the possibility of constraints that are sensitive to the distance between misaligned edges. Support for order-sensitivity comes from the ability of order-sensitive constraints to avoid the Midpoint Pathology (Eisner 1997) and their ability to provide a general account of trisyllabic stress windows. Support for distance-sensitivity comes from its crucial role in accounting for bidirectional stress patterns and its crucial role correctly positioning nonperipheral primary stress.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology, Formal Analysis
Article:Version 1