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Title:The constrastive nasality in Portuguese
Authors:Leda Bisol
Abstract: In this article we provide an account of the nasal vowel and the nasal diphthong in Portuguese. It shows that the nasality relies in the floating nasal without root, in the sequence VNC or VNV. The floating nasal ramifies, as the Branching Nasal constraint demands, creating a node root at the expense of DEPN, when the VNC is in question. Then the nasal vowel emerges in a closed syllable or it involves the surrounding vowels, showing faithfulness to the input, when the conditions for the nasal diphthong are satisfied.
Problems in front of disallowed diphthong or identical vowel sequence, license for N to be a segment or variation based in the sonority scale, among others, are discussed along the development of the analysis.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:This article has been withdrawn.