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Title:Non-Zero/Non-Zero Alternations in Differential Object Marking
Authors:Stefan Keine, Gereon Mueller
Comment:to appear in Proceedings of NELS 39
Abstract:This paper proposes an analysis of alternations between two or more overt markers in differential object marking, which we claim to follow from impoverishment. Impoverishment in turn is conditioned and constrained by constraint interaction. The constraint ranking is not arbitrary but the result of harmonic alignment of markedness scales and local conjunction. Restrictions on impoverishment are then derived as restrictions on constraint orderings.
The proposal is founded on the empirical observation that differential object marking is not restricted to zero/non-zero alternations but may also exist between two or more overt markers. We consider data from Hindi, Mannheim German, Trumai and Cavineña.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1