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Title:Elephants and Optimality Again: SA-OT accounts for pronoun resolution in child language
Authors:Tamas Biro
Comment:To appear in: selected papers from CLIN 19 (Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands), Groningen, January 2009.
Abstract:Children display a surprising delay in correctly resolving pronouns, while they employ Chomsky's binding principles correctly in production and in resolving reflexives. We account for the mistakes as performance errors that are predicted by an Optimality Theoretical model implemented using simulated annealing (SA-OT). Our experiments suggest three novel explanations of the facts (see section 6). Additionally, the Optimality Theory-Harmony Grammar connection is also explored: the behaviour of the HG-based performance model converges to the OT-model if the base of the exponential weights grow large.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Syntax,Computation,Language Acquisition
Article:Version 1