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Title:RCD - The Movie
Authors:Alan Prince
Abstract:Recursive Constraint Demotion (RCD) is introduced, and with it, the basic concepts of OT ranking theory. RCD is an efficient method for obtaining rankings from data, with the added bonus that it identifies those cases where no successful ranking exists (Tesar & Smolensky 1993, Tesar 1995).

RCD is treated here as a method of organizing a tableau, which makes its workings transparent and easy to follow. We start from an unordered display of ranking information and step-by-step rearrange it into an ordered, stratified ranking.

The exposition can be accessed at various levels, ranging from the basic visual grok to detailed consideration of the underlying principles. An effort has been made to define all terms and to comment on points of interest in internally hyperlinked notes. Some discussion of the foundational work by Tesar, Smolensky, and Prince is provided, with links to the the original sources.

No knowledge of OT is presupposed, but a certain amount of prior exposure will probably smooth the way. The file is an Excel workbook, which comes in three formats, listed as "Parts" below: Part 1, Excel 2003 (PC); Part 2, Mac Excel 2004; Part 3, Excel 2007 and later (PC). There are no macros in these files.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Formal Analysis
Article:Part 1
Part 2
Part 3