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Title:A Closer Look at Iterative Foot Optimization and the Case against Parallelism
Authors:Brett Hyde
Abstract:Pruitt (2008) briefly compares the predictions of Iterative Foot Optimization, couched in the framework of Harmonic Serialism (Prince and Smolensky 1993, McCarthy 2007), to those of Generalized Alignment (McCarthy and Prince 1993), the earliest account of metrical stress in Optimality Theory, and observes that the former avoids the difficulties associated with the Odd-Parity Parsing Problem (Hyde 2007, 2008) and related issues, while the latter does not. If true, the claim presents an important argument for serialism independent of its ability to account for certain types of opacity effects.

In this article, I compare the predictions of Iterative Foot Optimization and Generalized Alignment in some detail, both in the context of basic directional parsing patterns for quantity-insensitive systems and in the context of the Odd-Parity Parsing Problem. Since the comparison is a bit more thorough here than in previous examinations, there are additional results to consider, and they lead to a strikingly different conclusion.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1