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Title:Deriving an implicational universal in two theories of phonology
Authors:Charles Reiss
Abstract: Deriving An Implicational Universal In Two Theories of Phonology

ROA-102 25 pages

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Charles Reiss

Concordia University


This paper is based on my recent NELS and Tilburg papers. It is

divided into four major sections. In section 1 I describe an apparent

typological universal (which has the form of an implicational

hierarchy) concerning the scope of assimilation processes. In section

2 I suggest an explanation of this universal within rule based

phonology by appealing to the subset principle of acquisition (thus

appealing to extragrammatical factors). In the section 3 I

demonstrate that the universal can also be derived from the nature of

a relatively simple OT grammar, in that such a grammar is incapable of

generating patterns which do not conform to the implicational

hierarchy. In section 4 , I use some of the concepts introduced in

earlier sections to provide insight into the problem of under and

overgeneration in OT, including the counterfeeding problem, and

constraints on the set of OT constraints. One of the proposals I

discuss is a restriction on faithfulness constraints that requires

that they not be context sensitive. Section 5 contains a brief

conclusion. This paper is still in draft form and comments are

welcome. The paper is in postscript format (implic.ps) and in WORD 6

for Windows format (implic.doc) which requires the font IPAKiel.

Charles Reiss

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