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Title:The Phonology of Boundaries and Secondary Stress in Russian Compounds
Authors:Maria Gouskova
Comment:to appear in The Linguistic Review 27:4 (2010)
Abstract:In Russian, the phonological diagnostics for prosodic words conflict when applied to compounds. On the one hand, compounds can have multiple stresses (oboròn-o-sposóbnost' `defense-linker-capability'), whereas single-root words can only have a single stress. On the other hand, non-stress rules such as word-final devoicing and vowel reduction treat compounds as single prosodic words. Based on this and other kinds of evidence, I demonstrate that compounds are indeed single prosodic words, though they are required to have a stress for each sub-stem. Secondary stress patterns in compounds also provide some clues as to the location of default stress in what is an almost entirely lexical stress system.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1