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Title:Lexical insertion occurs in the phonological component
Authors:Matthew Wolf
Comment:To appear in Understanding Allomorphy: Perspectives from Optimality Theory, ed. by Bernard Tranel
Abstract:This chapter (an updated and expanded version of ROA-912 which also draws on material from the author's dissertation, ROA-996) argues that the spellout of abstract morphological structure occurs in the same module of grammar as phonology. The central theme of the argument is that it predicts the existence of systems of allomorphy in which (a) phonological and strictly morphological criteria on allomorph selection both make themselves felt, and/or (b) satisfaction of morphological constraints (such as those requiring faithful exponence of morphosyntactic features) may be sacrificed for the sake of better satisfying phonological constraints. A number of attested cases exemplifying these predictions are discussed.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1