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Title:Natural Derivational Phonology
Authors:Byung-Gun Lee
Abstract:This work of Natural Derivational Phonology is about OT in the following sense. Efforts are made toward solving the problems that may arise in OT. Dichotomy between M and F in composing constraints is employed. Tableaux are utilized for the illustration of deriving surface forms with the necessary change made. And constraints, notations and terms employed in OT are widely adopted.
In Natural Derivational Phonology constraints perform phonological derivation. They may apply singly or multiply to any candidate (underlying or not), resulting in serial derivation. Most importantly, the natural ranking of universal ranking principles (URP¡¯s) determines their ranking. And evaluation constraints (E-constraints), which may be ranked, evaluate their outputs. Natural Derivational Phonology may be succinctly summed up as a system in which constraints apply in obedience to the natural ranking of URP¡¯s, letting E-constraints evaluate their outputs.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1