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Title:An Optimality-Theoretic Analysis of Lachmann's Law
Authors:Philip Roberts
Abstract:This thesis examines the phenomenon in the morpho-phonology of Latin known as Lachmann's Law, whereby certain past participles display an etymologically unexpected long vowel. Kiparsky (1965) proposed a rule-based account of the Law which involved the insertion of a rule elsewhere than at the end of the derivation, so that it interacts opaquely with another rule. I re-formulate Kiparsky's original analysis within the framework of Stratal OT, proposing a new constraint and characterising the change giving rise to Lachmann's law as a re-ranking of the constraint on the stem level. A factorial typology of the new constraint is offered.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology,Morphology,Historical Linguistics
Article:Version 1