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Title:The First Person Plural Subject Prefix in Babine/Witsuwit'en
Authors:Sharon Hargus
Comment:24 pp, Uses SIL IPA Doulos in some examples
Abstract: The First Person Plural Subject Prefix in Babine/Witsuwit'en

ROA-108 (24 pp.)

babwitpl.ps, --.wrd, ---.rtf

Sharon Hargus

University of Washington


The first person plural subject prefix in Babine/Witsuwit'en

(Athabaskan) provides an argument for Optimality Theory over

conventional generative phonology. This prefix has two allomorphs,

syllable-initial [ts']- and syllable-final [z]-. The choice between

allomorphs in environments where either could, in principle, be used

can easily be described in terms of familiar OT constraints such as

NoCoda, Align-L, Fill, Parse, etc. A conventional generative analysis

of the facts is less than ideal, as it recapitulates independently

required phonological generalizations and requires a quirky rule of

Epenthesis. New OT constraints required to analyze the data are

CodaSon (a coda should be more sonorous than a following onset), and

*Complex(Except) (clusters violate syllable well-formedness except


NB: Some characters in this ms. are from SILDoulosIPA font.

Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1