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Title:Is French Optimal? A question concerning phonological process order
Authors:Roland Noske
Comment:23 pp, Uses SIL IPA Doulos
Abstract: Is French Optimal? A question concerning phonological process order.

ROA-109 (23 pp.)

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Roland Noske

University of Leiden/HIL


In this paper, an analysis is presented of a central part of

the phonology of French in the framework of Optimality Theory (OT). It

is shown that the facts of the language suggest that the phonological

processes at hand should be described as output-driven. Also, the

facts suggest that violable constraints should play a central role in

the language.

Therefore, that the phenomena in question seem ideally suited

for an analysis in OT-terms, because of the strong need for two of the

principles that define OT. A comprehensive OT analysis of the

processes is presented. An output-based analysis predating OT, which

treats the schwa-deletion and gliding phenomena of French, is

complemented by an analysis ofepenthesis and dierisis phenomena, which

were not not covered in the previous analysis.

It will become clear, however, that a basic feature of the

interaction of the processes collides with one of the defining

principles of OT, i.e. the absence of derivation.

Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1