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Title:Learning ranking information from unspecified overt forms using the join
Authors:Nazarre Merchant
Abstract:A phonological learner is confronted with two intertwined tasks: given a set of surface forms the learner must determine a set of underlying forms and the learner must also produce a grammar that maps those hypothesized underlying forms to the observed surface forms. In this talk I present a learning algorithm in which a learner determines necessary ranking information from unspecified or partially specified words. It does so by using the join operator (Merchant 2008), an operator on pairs of ERCs (Prince 2002) that yields an ERC that entails all ERCs that are jointly entailed by the original two. The algorithm works by first producing sets of ERCs from consistent lexica for an overt form. These sets are then processed using the join operator in such a way to guarantee the production of all shared ranking information from the original sets.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology, Learning, Learnability, Join
Article:Version 1