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Title:Using Local Constraint Conjunction to Discover Constraints: The Case of Mandarin Chinese
Authors:Jeroen van de Weijer
Comment:In Botma and Noske (eds.) Phonological Explorations: Empirical, Theoretical and Diachronic Issues (2012)
Length:10 pages
Abstract:This paper discusses a restriction in synchronic Mandarin Chinese which involves voiced stops, rising tone and nasal codas. The paper argues that this restriction can be described only as the result of the combined action of two constraints, i.e. a 'local constraint conjunction'. We discuss the exact formulation of this conjunction and note that, in Optimality Theory, the two constraints in a conjunction should also be instantiated separately. In this way, local constraint conjunctions provide a novel way of discovering constraints.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology, Chinese, Local Constraint Conjunction, Tone, Syllable structure
Article:Version 1