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Title:2+2=3 -- Stress in Munster Irish
Authors:Grazyna Rowicka
Abstract: 2+2=3 -- Stress in Munster Irish

ROA-116 20pp.


Grazyna Rowicka

Leiden University / HIL

Dept. of Linguistics


Unlike the other dialects of Modern Irish, Munster Irish has developed

a complex quantity-sensitive stress system. I argue that many

intricacies of the system can be untangled when assuming a TRIMORAIC

FOOT as the basic foot type of Munster Irish. Foot trimoraicity

results from its double-branching: at the level of the foot as well as

at the level of the foot head. I propose an OT analysis. Branching of

the foot node follows from the familiar FOOT BINARITY constraint,

whereas the branching of the foot head is demanded by a separate

constraint HEAD BINARITY. Due to the domination of HEAD BIN over FOOT

BIN bimoraic feet have branching heads, but do not branch themselves.

The `main stress assignment' constraint selects a branching (i.e.

trimoraic) foot as the head of the prosodic word, irrespective of its

position within the word. NONINITIALITY and NONFINALITY favour a

word-medial trimoraic foot for the location of the main stress.

The paper will appear in H. Kardela and B. Szymanek (eds.)

`Festschrift for Prof. E. Gussmann from his friends and colleagues',

Lublin: KUL.

Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1