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Title:The Ezafe Morpheme in Persian: An XP-external Clitic
Authors:Ayat Hosseini
Length:6 pages
Abstract:This article investigates the prosodic structure of Ezafe constructions in Persian. Kahnemuyipour (2003) proposes that Ezafe constructions should be treated as phonological words. The present study based on phonetic observations and phonological evidence argues that each lexical word present in an Ezafe construction forms a phonological phrase, and the Ezafe morpheme tends to phrase with its preceding material to satisfy the constraint ONSET. This paper also suggests that the prosodic status of weak function words such as the Ezafe morpheme or some conjunctions that do not belong to their preceding or following syntactic maximal projections can be best explained by adopting a new constraint, namely MAP-XP.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Ezafe, Persian, prosodic structure, XP-external clitics, syntax-phonology interface, Farsi, Stress
Article:Version 1