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Title:Reduplication in Rotuman: A curious case of emergent unmarkedness
Authors: Amber Blenkiron, John Alderete
Comment:To appear: Y. Hsiao and L.H. Wee (eds), Capturing phonological shades within and across languages. A data supplement with all the reduplicative data from the article is available at www.anderei.net/datasets.
Length:26 pgs
Abstract:This article gives a comprehensive analysis of reduplication in Rotuman (Oceanic). The main reduplication shape is a heavy syllable prefix (e.g., CVC-, CVV-), which we document with a list of 847 reduplicated words and native speaker elicitation. We argue that the heavy syllable shape is predicted in large part by the phonology of the incomplete phase, a system-wide generalization also requiring heavy syllables. The apparent markedness of the reduplicant thus follows from the phonology of phase and other independently motivated constraints for anti-gemination, under-application, and prosodic faithfulness effects.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:reduplication, minimal word, generalized templates, Rotuman, Austronesian
Article:Version 1