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Title:Grammatical Paradigm Uniformity
Authors: Itsik Pariente
Abstract:This paper develops a formal model of correspondence between words sharing a Morphological Structure, but not sharing a lexeme. The empirical data used to advocate for this relation is explored using an analysis of nouns and verbs containing /a/ as a Root Vowel in General Modern Hebrew in positions where the corresponding form in Sephardic Modern Hebrew has a voiced pharyngeal. The emergence of Root Vowels reveals mora related generalizations: Root Vowels emerge only if their parallel paradigmatic consonant (consonant that occupies the same prosodic position in other roots of the same Morphological Structure) is in a coda position, i.e. it is moraic. The theory presented in this paper employs Output-to-Output constraints in order to account for surface phenomena which cannot be explained by standard Paradigm Uniformity theory.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Paradigm uniformity, Hebrew
Article:Version 1