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Title:Prosodic Faithfulness in Cupeno
Authors:John Alderete
Comment:In Elena Benedicto (ed.), University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers 20, The UMOP on Indigenous Languages, pp., 1-27, Amherst, MA: GLSA.
This paper develops an Optimality Theoretic analysis of Cupeno accent.
This analysis crucially depends on underlying specifications of prosody
and constraints on faithfulness to underlying prosody. Input-Output
prosodic faithfulness is necessary in accounting for distinctive stress
in the inventory of accentual patterns observed in roots. Prosodic
faithfulness is equally important in explaining the observation that
root stress overrides affix stress; in fact, this observation is
accounted for as a special case of the crosslinguistic tendency for
roots to license a wider range of contrasts than affixes, an
explanation that is not available to plausible alternatives.
Finally, faithfulness to underlying prosody is shown to be crucial
in describing a pattern of unbounded stress, essentially characterizing
the intrinsic prominence of underlying accent.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1