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Title:Circumscription Revisited: An Analysis of Maori Reduplication
Authors:Paul de Lacy
Abstract:Circumscription Revisited:
An Analysis of Maori Reduplication

Paul de Lacy

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Using data from the Maori language of New Zealand it is argued that an Optimality Theoretic device of circumscription is needed for adequate explanation of certain types of infixing phenomena. The Optimality
notion of circumscription is vastly different from the serialist type, with it resulting from the interaction of a constraint termed SUBSET and certain phonologically empty morphemes. SUBSET is argued to be the counterpart to Correspondence, as well as being the impetus behind other sub-categorisation phenomena. The above circumscriptive device predicts that circumscription can occur without reduplication, as is shown by certain processes in Maori.

Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:phonology, morphology
Article:Version 1