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Title:Ternary constituents are a consequence of mora sluicing
Authors: Ben Hermans, Francesc Torres-Tamarit
Abstract:Ternary stress is a unique challenge to constraint-based metrical stress theories: how to model ternarity without ternary feet (Halle & Vergnaud 1987; Levin 1988; Dresher & Lahiri 1991; Rice 1992) or ternary-specific constraints that prohibit adjacent feet (Kager 1994; Houghton 2008). While ternary rhythm exists, we propose that ternary feet do not, not even indirectly by means of recursion (pace Martínez-Paricio 2012; Kager & Martínez-Paricio 2013a,b). We further propose that ternary rhythm arises from mora sluicing (Prince 1985; Hyde 2001), the phenomenon whereby a mora can be excluded from projecting to the syllable level to satisfy an instance of the independently-motivated constraint NO-CLASH (pace Elenbaas & Kager 1999).
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Mora Sluicing; Ternary Stress; Uneven Trochee
Article:Version 1