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Title:Lapsed derivations: Ternary stress in Harmonic Serialism
Authors: Francesc Torres-Tamarit, Peter Jurgec
Abstract:We show that *LAPSE cannot generate ternary stress and creates pathologies in
Harmonic Serialism (HS). The constraint *LAPSE works properly only when it can evaluate an entirely metrified string, which is impossible in HS. Only *FootFoot, which refers to metrical constituents rather than the distribution of peaks and troughs, can derive ternarity. This supports an analysis based on non-adjacency of constituent edges; in HS, feet are therefore required.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Ternary stress; Cayuvava, Harmonic Serialism; Typology; Stress; Prosody; Footing; Feet vs. gridmarks
Article:Version 1