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Title:Glide phonotactics in varieties of Catalan (and Spanish)
Authors:Claudia Pons-Moll, Jesus Jimenez, Maria-Rosa Lloret
Comment:Handout of the talk given at the Going Romance 29 (2015)
Abstract:The purpose of this paper is a) to outline a typological comparison of the glide phonotactic patterns attested across some Catalan and Spanish varieties, b) to provide a formal account of these patterns, framed within Optimality Theory, and more specifically within the Split Margin approach (Baertsch 2002) to syllable organization, and c) to show that, to formalize the whole variation, both i) markedness constraints related to intrasyllabic organization (Baerstch 2002) and ii) markedness constraints referring to the harmony of segments in intervocalic position (Kirchner 1998; Uffmann 2005) are necessary.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:syllable structure, Split Margin Hierarchy, glides, strengthening, weakening, Catalan, Spanish
Article:Version 1