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Title:Rendaku 1: Constraint Conjunction and the OCP
Authors:Junko Ito, Armin Mester
Comment:17 pp. handout
Abstract:"Rendaku I: Constraint Conjunction and the OCP" is a handout of a

lecture delivered at the Kobe Phonology Forum (September 1996,

Kobe, Japan). Building on Smolensky 1995, it develops a

constraint-conjunctive conception of so-called OCP-effects

("self-conjunction") and applies it to several cases of

dissimilation, including Grassmann's Law (on voiced aspirates in

Sanskrit), Lex Mamilla-type cases involving prosodic instead of

featural dissimilation, and Lyman's Law (on voiced obstruents in

Modern and Old Japanese), including its interaction with

Sequential Voicing.

The sequel--"Rendaku II: Domain Hierarchies and Economy"--deals

with the consequences of Economy of Structure for the morphology

and phonology of compounds. A revised form of this lecture will

be presented at WECOL 1996 (UC Santa Cruz, October 25, 1996).
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1