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Title:Review of "Steve Parker (ed.) (2012). The sonority controversy"
Authors:Claudia Pons-Moll
Comment:Pre-publication version. Published in Phonology, 33.1. p. 195-207. Available at: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/phonology
Abstract:Despite the long-established argumentations based on sonority, dating back at least from Sievers (1876), the subject of sonority alone had never previously been the explicit focus of an entire book. Aware of this, the editor has sought to fill the gap with a fresh, comprehensive overview of the field. The new summary provided is extremely valuable. As discussed below, most contributions provide cutting-edge results framed within the latest phonological models and nourished by the most advanced phonetic and computational techniques. Several phonological models, submodels and refinements, including Optimality Theory, Stochastic Optimality Theory, Harmonic Grammar, the Split Margin Theory, relational alignment, relational
alignment in stringency form, or the P-map, and a rich set of techniques and
methodologies, including real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), motion
capture, or the latest connectionist networks, support the proposals.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:phonology, phonetics, syllable structure, sonority, SSP, MSD, SDP, SCL, Stochastic Optimality Theory, Harmonic Grammar, Split Margin Hierarchy, relational alignment, P-map
Article:Version 1