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Title:A Unified Analysis of Crosslinguistic Morphological Gemination
Authors:Vieri Samek-Lodovici
Comment:Proceedings of CONSOLE-1, Utrecht, The Netherlands. 17pp
Abstract:Morphological Gemination (MG) consists of the systematic
gemination of a segment associated with a systematic
change in meaning of the affected base. Any account of
MG must deal with the following two issues:

(a) accurately model how the gemination occurs.
(b) predict where gemination occurs and which segment geminates.

As for (a), this analysis follows Lombardi and McCarthy (1990),
recognizing the existence of a purely prosodic affix
constituted of an empty mora. Gemination emerges
when this affix is inserted in a base and filled by one
of the nearby segments.

As for (b), the insertion site and the filling segment
follow from the interaction of the prosodic and syllabic
wellformedness constraints of the language.
It is therefore the tension between affix realization
and prosodic well-formedness that determines
what segment will geminate and where: the grammatical
derivation being the one that least violates the prosodic
and syllabic constraints while best realizing the affix.

Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1