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Title:Relativized Contiguity, Part I: Contiguity and Syllable Prosody
Authors:Greg Lamontagne
Abstract:Theories of syllabic prosody make broad predictions concerning

the modification of strings: they indicate when a particular

consonant (or vowel) of a sequence should delete and when a

segment should be inserted. The more narrow issues of determining

which segment of a CC/VV sequence actually deletes or where the

epenthetic segment is to be realized is often left unexplained or

subjected to a number of non-uniform analyses. The common thread

between these processes is that they all involve a disruption of

Contiguity requirements. Once the formal nature of Contiguity

restrictions is understood, a truly general explanation of string

modification processes can be attained. In this study it is

proposed that Contiguity restrictions are relativized to prosodic

domains like the syllable. It is from this conception of

Contiguity requirements as relativized constraints in an

Optimality Theoretic grammar that a cross-linguistic account of

phonotactic patterns emerges. Here the effects of truncation and

augmentation processes receive a unified account in so much as

they result from the predictions of the factorial typology of

conflicting Contiguity constraints.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1