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Title:Stress and final /n/ deletion in Catalan: combining Strict CV and OT
Authors: Noam Faust, Francesc Torres-Tamarit
Length:25 pp.
Abstract:In Catalan, /n/ deletes in word-final position when it is preceded by a stressed vowel. In this paper, we present an analysis that combines the representations of Strict CV and the violable constraints of Optimality Theory, two rarely combined but perfectly compatible analytical tools. We propose that final /n/ floats unassociated below its C position if it cannot be licensed by a following segment. In such circumstances, an entire CV unit is left unidentified at the right edge, a situation which is penalized by the system. Still, when stress is final, this rightmost CV unit is identified by the weak branch of a trochaic foot. As a result, the /n/ may remain afloat. However, when stress is not final, the final CV remains otherwise unidentified, and so /n/ must associate to it, even though it is unlicensed.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Catalan; Strict CV; Optimality Theory; Stress; Final /n/ deletion
Article:Version 1