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Title:A note on phonological similarity in Tesar's (2013) Theory of output-drivenness
Authors: Giorgio Magri
Comment:to appear in the Journal of Logic and Computation
Length:26 pp.
Abstract:Tesar's (2014) notion of output-drivenness is an attempt at characterizing non-opaque phonological mappings in terms of a notion of phonological similarity between underlying and surface levels. Tesar defines phonological similarity concretely in terms of segment strings and correspondence relations. Magri (2017) instead defines similarity axiomatically through an inequality on faithfulness constraint violations. This paper studies the formal properties of the latter axiomatic notion of similarity. In particular, it shows that Tesar's concrete definition of similarity satisfies Magri's axiomatization in terms of faithfulness constraints. The theory of output-drivenness reconstructed in Magri (2017) thus subsumes Tesar's (2014) original theory as a special case.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:opacity, output-drivenness, formal analysis
Article:Version 1