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Title:Supplemental Workbook to the Contours of nGY
Authors:Nazarre Merchant
Abstract:This workbook provides all supplemental data for the nGY system presented in The Contours of nGY. The nGY system is an augmented nGX system -- the core of nGX is retained: footing structures are either binary or mono-syllablic, the constraint set is identical except for the addition of MSL and MSR which adjudicate placement of the prosodic word head.

The nGY system has 36 languages. Basic density types are (roughly) retained: there are strongly dense (SD) languages in which all syllables are parsed into feet (12 languages are SD); there are weakly dense (WD) languages in which all syllables are parsed into feet except a single syllable in odd-length forms greater than two (12 languages are WD), and there is a class of sparse languages in which each form has either one or two feet depending on a given language's properties (12 languages are sp). The sparse density type differs from nGX sparse in that nGX sparse languages only permit a single foot in any given form.

A full discussion of the property analysis of nGY is given in The Contours of nGY. This wookbook provides a definition of the system, constraints, violation tableaux, the factorial typology, the 36 grammars of nGY and the full typohedron of nGY along with sub-typohedra organized by density class.
Area/Keywords:Phonology, OT, Formal Analysis, Property Theory
Article:Version 2
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