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Title:Efficient Computation of Implicational Universals in Constraint-Based Phonology Through the Hyperplane Separation Theorem
Authors: Giorgio Magri
Comment:This paper will appear in the proceedings of SIGMORPHON 2018. The results reported here are part of a larger joint project with Arto Anttila on T-orders in constraint-based phonology. A more extended report will be made available shortly.
Length:11 pages
Abstract:This paper focuses on the most basic implicational universals in phonological theory, called T-orders after Anttila and Andrus (2006). It develops necessary and sufficient constraint characterizations of T-orders within Harmonic Grammar and Optimality Theory. These conditions rest on the rich convex geometry underlying these frameworks. They are phonologically intuitive and have significant algorithmic implications.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:constraint-based phonology; formal analysis; implicational universals
Article:Version 1