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Title:Catalan nativization patterns in the light of Weighted Scalar Constraints
Authors:Claudia Pons-Moll, Francesc Torres-Tamarit
Comment:Handout of the talk given at Going Romance 2018
Length:11 pages
Abstract:In this paper we explore phonological nativization patterns in Catalan loanwords, and we show, on the basis of a production and a judgment test, that the three processes under scrutiny (word-final /n/ deletion [ND], vowel reduction of unstressed mid-vowels [VR], and vowel laxing of stressed mid-vowels [VL]) interact in an asymmetrical way. We argue that these asymmetrical interactions can be straightforwardly formalized resorting to Harmonic Grammar with Scalar Weighted Constraints (following the recent proposals by Hsu & Jesney 2017, 2018), in which faithfulness constraints acquire an increasing relevance from the core to the peripheral strata and in which the scaling factor intervals for each stratum abstractly reproduce the most frequent and the least frequent patterns in loanword adaptation.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:phonology, loanword phonology, possible nativizations, impossible nativizations, Harmonic Grammar, Scalar Weighted Constraints
Article:Version 1