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Title:The limits of the free ride in morphophonemic learning. Evidence from Catalan
Authors:Claudia Pons-Moll
Comment:Handout of the poster presented at Going Romance 2018, Utrecht University
Abstract:The free ride strategy (McCarthy 2005) is challenged when the input-output mapping(s) derived from morphophonemic dynamic alternations and which are potentially generalized to non-alternating items are not univocal, that is, when the alternating [B]s derive from more than one underlying representation. When restrictiveness (M >> F) leads to a non-consummated free ride and it is no longer exploitable, efficiency (F >> F, etc.) (Bermúdez-Otero 2003, 2006) comes into play to consummate, conclusively, the free ride.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:underlying representations, morphophonemic learning, free-ride, richness of the base, lexicon optimization, vowel reduction, non-alternating items, phonology
Article:Version 1