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Title:Wrong-side reduplication in Koasati
Authors: Ivy Hauser, Leland Kusmer
Comment:Manuscript that accompanies 2016 mfm talk of the same name
Abstract:Koasati (Muskogean; Kimball 1988, 1991) exhibits a reduplication process that suffixes material copied from the left edge of the root. According to Marantz's generalization (1982), this type of reduplication is expected to be typologically rare. Nelson (2003) strengthens this claim, arguing that apparent cases of 'wrong-side reduplication' (WSR) are actually epiphenomenal and true WSR does not exist. We argue against this, showing that the Koasati case is in fact true WSR and not epiphenomenal. We provide a model that accounts for both adjacent-side and wrong-side reduplication, building on the system from Nelson (2003) with the addition of a Linearity constraint. This analysis leads to a strong typological prediction: WSR should only ever be suffixing (i.e. copying from the left but affixing on the right), never prefixing (copying from the right but affixing on the left).
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:reduplication, morphophonology, Muskogean
Article:Version 1