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Title:Summing constraints in an across properties
Authors:Will Bennett, Natalie DelBusso
Comment:Published version in Phonology 37.3
Abstract:Work in Optimality Theory examining the constraint set, Con, often considers the question of whether certain types of constraints are split into multiple specific versions or are single general constraint that effectively sums the violations of specific ones. Comparing and evaluating analyses differing in this way requires knowing the effect of such summing on the full typology. This depends on the relationship of summands in the full system, which can be difficult to ascertain from inspecting violation profiles alone. This paper uses Property Theory to analyze the systematic effects of summing constraints in two distinct kinds of relationships: i) across distinct properties, and ii) within a constraint class in a single property. The results show how these two types collapse the typology in different but predictable ways. Property Analysis provides a key to identifying constraint relationships and delineating the effect of summing.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Property Theory, Formal Analysis, Constraints
Article:Version 1