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Title:The Optimal Second Position in Pashto
Authors:Taylor Roberts
Comment:40 pp.; requires SIL IPA font
Abstract:The optimal second position in Pashto

Taylor Roberts, MIT

Tegey (1977) argues that some interesting interactions between clitic

placement and phonology in Pashto cannot be accommodated by a strictly

derivational model of grammar, in which there is a strict separation

between the syntactic and phonological components; rather, Tegey

suggests that phonological rules must be interleaved among syntactic

ones. Contributing to the appearance of the unusual interactions

between clitic placement and phonology has been the assumption that

second position clitic placement in Pashto is a syntactic process.

This paper shows that the extent to which syntactic structure

contributes to clitic placement is narrowly constrained by principles

for the mapping of syntactic structure to prosodic structure (Selkirk

1986). Thus, clitic placement in Pashto may be determined in the

phonological component of the grammar. Pursuing recent ideas of

Anderson (1996) regarding second position phenomena, Pashto clitics

will be shown to be particularly well suited to an analysis within

Optimality Theory, since clitics appear in second position (after the

first constituent), but may appear farther to the left edge or to the

right edge, under the force of highly ranked prosodic constraints.
Type:Paper/tech report
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