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Title:Alignment in Manam stress
Authors:Eugene Buckley
Comment:18 pages. Supersedes ROA-56
Abstract:In analyzing the interaction of word stress and cliticization in

Manam, Halle and Kenstowicz (1991) propose that stress is assigned

first to the word; and that later, after cliticization, a new foot

is created only if this can be done without destroying the existing

foot structure. I argue that a proper analysis of Manam stress

requires abandonment of these multiple rounds of foot construction.

I develop an analysis within the framework of Optimality Theory based

on the alignment of metrical feet with the edges of morphologically

defined constituents, which avoids the empirical and explanatory

inadequacies of HK's account. Important issues which arise are the

analysis of extrametricality, the prosodic specification of clitics,

avoidance of clash, and the role of Onset in forcing special syllable

and foot structure.

This paper, to appear in Linguistic Inquiry, replaces ROA-56.

Relative to the previous version, the conjunctive nature of FtOnset

has been reanalyzed in a much more natural way as simple Onset

(with a minor role for a purely phonological FtOnset constraint).

The use of constraint domains (substrings of the representation for

which particular constraint rankings hold) has been simplified to a

single constraint, AlignHd, rather than the previous application of

this formalism to both *Clash and FtOnset.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1