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Title:Explaining Analogy
Authors:Charles Reiss
Comment:9 pp. Other file format is WORD97
Abstract:Explaining Analogy

Charles Reiss

Concordia University

The diachronic changes known traditionally as analogy1 can

be derived from the nature of parsing, specifically from the

fact that comprehension potentially involves a one-to-many

mapping of surface form to underlying forms. Since analogical

effects are attested both within and across paradigms, the

parsing-based theory, which makes no reference to the notion

of paradigm, is superior to alternatives such as those based on

Output-output Correspondence. The parsing-based theory also

maintains the crucial distinction between synchrony and

diachrony. By invoking aspects of acquisition, the role of

sociolinguistic diffusion and the nature of language change the

account of analogy offered in this paper promises a more

highly constrained theory of grammar.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1