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Title:From MParse to Control: deriving ungrammaticality
Authors:Orhan Orgun, Ronald Sprouse
Comment:23 pages. File "Other" is Word 97 format requiring SIL Doulos IPA 93 font (available from http://www.sil.org free of charge)
Abstract:In this paper we examine phonologically-conditioned morphological gaps in

three languages, Turkish, Tagalog and Tiene, and demonstrate that MPARSE

and the Null Parse as currently conceived in Optimality Theory (Prince &

Smolensky 1993) do not successfully predict the existence of these gaps. By

design MPARSE predicts no grammatical output when the Null Parse, which

violates only the constraint MPARSE, is the winner in EVAL. We demonstrate

in these three languages that this approach to ungrammaticality does not

work when a winning ungrammatical candidate violates only constraints

independently known to be ranked below MPARSE. We propose the addition of a

second constraint component, CONTROL, with the purpose of restricting the

class of grammatical outputs in a way that is empirically superior.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1