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Title:Geminate Inalterability and Lenition
Authors:Robert Kirchner
Comment:57 pages. Word file requires IPA Times font
Abstract:Geminate Inalterability and Lenition

Robert Kirchner


This paper reexamines the phenomenon of geminate inalterability (cf.

Hayes 1986, Schein and Steriade 1986, Inkelas & Cho 1993), demon-

strating, from a broad typological survey, that geminate inalterabil-

ity attains the level of a universal, inviolable principle only in the

domain of lenition phenomena (accord, Churma 1988). A unified formal

approach to lenition phenomena is presented, proceeding from the intui-

tion that lenition is driven by the imperative to minimize articulatory

effort, and relying on Optimality Theoretic constraint interaction.

The geminate inalterability generalization is shown to follow from

this effort-based approach to lenition, coupled with certain plausible

phonetic assumptions concerning the effort involved in geminates and

their lenited counterparts.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1