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Title:Alignment and Parallelism in Indonesian Phonology
Authors:Abigail Cohn, John J. McCarthy
Abstract:Alignment and parallelism in Indonesian phonology.

Abigail Cohn, Cornell University

John McCarthy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Published (1998) in Working Papers of the Cornell Phonetics Laboratory 12, 53?137.

In this paper, we present a complete account of word stress
in Indonesian and the ways in which it interacts with affixation, limitations on root structure, PrWd juncture, syllabification, and reduplication, developing and extending the ideas and empirical material in Cohn (1989). Phenomena that had formerly been analyzed in terms of the phonology/morphology mapping, the cycle, (non-)iterative foot assignment, and morpheme-structure constraints are all subsumed under Generalized Alignment.

Parallelism leads to examination of Alignment-based alternatives to the cycle, in which the influence of morphology on prosodic structure is direct. Furthermore, several conditions are discussed where only a parallel analysis will work, because the top-down, bottom-up, or identity effects observed are simply inconsistent with a step-wise derivation. The paper concludes with an appendix discussing other accounts of Indonesian stress, those of Cohn (1989), Halle & Idsardi (1993), Kager (1993), and
Goldsmith (1992 et passim).

Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1