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Title:Temporally organized lexical representations as phonological units
Authors:Stefan Frisch
Comment:Paper presented at the 5th conference on Laboratory Phonology. 18 pages. Uses SIL Doulos IPA font
Abstract:Temporally organized lexical representations as phonological units

Stephan Frisch

This paper has two distinct, but related goals. The first goal is to

demonstrate that lexical processing does influence linguistic

competence, by showing that the beginning-to-end temporal order in

which the segments in a word are processed is a functional influence

on the phonology. More generally, I claim that cognitive factors

influence phonology, and may be the source of language particular

constraints or universal linguistic tendencies. In general, cognitive

influences should not be ignored or factored out of linguistic

theories, rather they should be recognized as sources of explanation

for linguistic patterns.

The second goal is to investigate a model of gradient constraint

combination in the phonotactics of the verbal roots of Arabic, based

on the stochastic constraint model (Frisch, Broe, & Pierrehumbert,

ROA#223). This model contrasts with constraint combination in

Optimality Theory, which is mediated by the strict dominance heirarchy.

The gradient model I use considers the cumulative effects of multiple

constraint violations on the distribution of verbal roots in the Arabic

Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1