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Title:Reduplicative Identity in Chaha
Authors:Michael Kenstowicz, Degif Petros
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Abstract:Reduplicative Identity in Chaha

Michael Kenstowicz and Degif Petros


In this paper we discuss the process of continuant dissimilation in

Chaha (a Western Gurage language of Ethiopia) which derives [k] from

/x/. We argue that the notion of correspondence is crucial to an

adequate account of the process. In particular, two different

correspondence relations are at play: Base-Reduplicant correspondence

(McCarthy & Prince 1995) and Output-Output correspondence (Benua 1995,

Burzio 1996, Ito & Mester 1997, Kenstowicz 1996, Steriade 1997, among

others). Chaha reduplication is of more than passing interest because

it provides a clear example of "back copy" in which the output of

reduplication triggers a change in its correspondent (a phenomenon

first identified by Wilbur 1973).
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