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Title:Right Anchor, Aweigh
Authors:Nicole Nelson
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Abstract:Right Anchor, Aweigh

Nicole Nelson

Rutgers University

Cross-linguistically, an asymmetry with respect to left and right

anchoring has long been noted in the realm of reduplication. Namely, we

see that reduplicants are most often prefixes, and these prefixes mostly

contain material copied from the left side of the base, (thus are "left-

anchored"). In this paper, I offer an explanation for the anchoring

aspect of this asymmetry, extending the tendency to truncation as well.

Building on previous work on the role of prominence in an OT grammar

(Beckman 1998, e.g.) I suggest that right anchoring is rare simply

because it does not exist in an explicit form. Rather, right anchoring

is required by a general constraint, ANCHOR EDGE BR/BT, which requires

anchoring to both edges of the base. ANCHOR EDGE then coexists with the

special constraint ANCHOR LEFT. Thus, right anchoring is merely an

emergent property of the grammar, either appearing upon compelled

violation of the left-anchoring requirement, or else in order to help

satisfy a third constraint, ANCHOR-[stressed syllable]. Several cases of

apparent right anchoring will be examined in a way consistent with the

proposal, thus adding additional support.
Type:Paper/tech report
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