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Title:Rhythm and Feet in Belhare Morphology
Authors:Balthasar Bickel
Abstract:Rhythm and Feet in Belhare Morphology

Balthasar Bickel

University of California at Berkeley & University of Zurich

In Belhare (Sino-Tibetan, Nepal), consonant prothesis at morpheme

boundaries and deletion of stem 'augments' is found if either metrical

or morphological parsing would violate the bimoraic trochee pattern

that underlies the stress system of the language. This finding

corroborates Dresher & Lahiri's (1991) "Principle of Metrical

Coherence" and provides new evidence for the cross-linguistic

applicability of Crowhurst's (1994) "Tauto-morphemic Foot" constraint.

The data also support a view of the Prosodic Hierarchy as weakly

layered, allowing consonants to be directly dominated by the foot or

word node if they are prothetic and do not therefore need feature

licensing within the syllable canon.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1