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Title:A Proposal for the Reformation of Tableaux
Authors:Alan Prince
Comment:Superseded by ROA 376.
Abstract:A Proposal for the Reformation of Tableaux

Alan Prince

Rutgers University


The familiar tableau showing violation data can be profitably

replaced in many uses with a tableau form based on pairwise

comparisons between a desired optimum and its competitors.

The ‘comparative tableau' allows for a perspicuous representation

of the structure of ranking arguments, a prerequisite for the

understanding of optimality-theoretic analyses. As a data-structure,

the comparative tableau directly supports the constraint demotion

algorithms and allows for the efficient determination of universal

suboptimal status.

Revised version, Feb. 15, 1999

Corrected Feb. 19, 1999

Originally posted Dec. 11, 1999
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:This article has been withdrawn.