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Title:Foot-sensitive word-minimization in Spanish
Authors:Carlos-Eduardo Pineros
Comment:44 pp. Requires SIL IPA fonts
Abstract:Foot-sensitive word-minimization in Spanish

Carlos-Eduardo PiƱeros

University of Iowa

This paper presents empirical evidence in support of prosodic-head

correspondence constraints (Alderete 1995), output-to-output

correspondence (McCarthy and Prince 1995, Benua 1995, Kenstowicz 1994)

and word-minimization as a case of Emergence of the Unmarked (McCarthy

and Prince 1994, Benua 1995). I focus on a Spanish truncation process

that favors the preservation of the head of the PWd of the Source Form

(SF), the main-stressed foot. The emerging Truncated Form (TF) is

equivalent to a MinWd that consists of a single foot, which may be built

on a syllabic trochee or a single heavy syllable. Markedness constraints

outrank (SF-TF)-Identity constraints causing TETU effects that are

reflected both prosodically and segmentally. I claim that since the

generation of TF depends on the prosodic structure of SF, the input for

this truncation process must be a derived output form as opposed to an

abstract input form.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1